da Vinci Robot Surgery Lawsuit

Intuitive Surgical, Sunnyvale, CA, is the company that brought the da Vinci Robot to the market in 2000.  Since its introduction, over 2000 hospitals have installed this product.

The da Vinci Robot has 4 remote controlled arms and a 3-D camera to allowing surgeons to perform certain surgeries using a terminal, joystick, and floor petals  These surgeries offered smaller incisions, less blood loss, and quicker recoveries.

Part of the da Vinci Robot lawsuit claims that Intuitive Surgical enticed hospitals to install this device to increase their surgical market share to patients seeking robotic surgeries.

A great concern has been raised regarding the training of surgeons.  The training consists of 3-4 day course at Intuitive Surgical headquarters.  The concern is there isn’t a testing standard that confirms the readiness of the surgeon.

Most surgeries performed by the Robot include gynecologic treatments, prostate and gall bladder removals, as well as heart surgery.  Seemingly, a better surgical solution, there are several complications that have arisen from these surgeries.  There were 367,000 da Vinci surgeries performed in 2012.

The da Vinci Robot is used in a large number of procedures including:

  • Gastric bypasses
  • Gall bladder removals
  • Thyroid cancer surgeries
  • Hysterectomies
  • Prostatectomies

The serious complications to patients include:

  • Death
  • Bladder Injuries
  • Vascular Injuries
  • Life Threatening Abscesses
  • Punctured Blood Vessels, organs or arteries
  • Internal Lacerations to organs
  • Internal Burns to Organs and Blood Vessels
  • Excessive Bleeding
  • Nerve injuries
  • Over- anesthetization

Several patients suffered weakness and numbness as the result of  patient positioning (orientation) during the surgical procedure.  Patients are often tilted downward at a steep angle.  This pressure can result in weakness and numbness that can last over 6 months.

If you or a loved one had been operated on in the past —— of years by a da Vinci Robot and suffered from side effects please contact us right away.