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When a client comes to us after losing a loved one, it is with a heavy heart that we approach the consultation. The loss of a loved one is hard, and we understand how you feel. It is only human to feel sorrow and pain, and many times anger, when a loved one has been taken away unexpectedly.

Many of our clients have experienced this same loss. Our caring staff understands how hard it is to come to us when your loss is so new, but we encourage you to take this step, early.  Your responsiblility is to hold your family together and pick up the pieces, it’s our job to begin the investigation to get a clear view of the circumstances that caused this. While we cannot replace what you have lost, we can help you approach some of the burdens you will face because of the loss.  We can give you legal guidance along the way.

The surviving family members have many obstacles to face including the heavy costs associated with any emergency medical treatment and their funeral expenses too. In addition, surviving family members also face financial hardships especially when your deceased family was your main income earner.

If an act of negligence was the reason that your loved one lost their life, family members have specific rights to compensation under the law. While this compensation will never replace the one you have lost, it can ease the financial hardship that has unexpectedly been placed on the family. It is very important for family members to contact an attorney as soon as possible after the event occurs. This will allow our investigative staff to research the incident while it is still fresh in the memories of any and all parties involved.

If the death was a result of an accident, our investigators can return to the accident scene to photograph and document evidence. Everything, from weather conditions, roadway conditions, to occupant kinematics –the study of how a body responds to impact in an accident, will be carefully reviewed to determine responsibility.  When we are contacted early we can help to build relevant evidence surrounding your case by interviewing witnesses who can help us later on in the process.

If the death is a result of other actions, such as medical malpractice, an investigation into all associated records will be conducted, and experts on our staff will be used to review the findings. It is our goal to help those suffering from this great loss in the most professional and thorough manner.

Sadly, we will not be able to eliminate the pain that you feel, nor can we fill the void that has been caused by the loss of your loved one. We can, however, do everything possible to help you receive the compensation that you are entitled to from your loss, so that your loss is not compounded by financial hardship.  Contact us immediately please do not delay!

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