How a Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help

Social Security Disability Insurance or SSD is a government program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA) that provides financial assistance to disabled individuals. A disabled individual is considered someone with a physical or mental impairment that keeps them from seeking and maintaining gainful employment.

SSD benefits are available as temporary or permanent benefits. To qualify, the disability must be expected for one year or more or one that will eventually result in death.

SSD benefits are based on credit hours earned from gainful employment and are not based on the amount of money you earned. You do not have to be low-income to receive this benefit. If you became disabled prior to the age of 22, you can use credits your parents have earned without affecting any of their benefits.

It is important to know that nearly 98 percent of all initial applications for SSD benefits are automatically denied by the Social Security Administration. Applicants, at that point, have the right to appeal the decision. It should be noted, however, that SSA statistics show that 65 percent of all first appeals are also denied.

Applicants have the right to a second appeal. At that point, most secure the services of a SSD attorney. The attorney has the ability to negotiate with the SSA administration, providing the right documentation and proof they require for the applicant to be approved.

Applicants, however, do not need to wait until the first or second appeal to request the services of an attorney. You can hire The Nugent Law Firm right from the start to apply for benefits, hopefully allowing you to bypass the need for any additional appeals.

If you still have to appeal the decision your attorney will continue representing you through the appeals process until you are approved. Once approved, you will receive a settlement that is retroactive to the date you initially applied for benefits.

SSD cases in Atlanta, Georgia are generally handled as contingency based cases. What this means is that the attorney will not charge the client any up-front fees before accepting the case, or any fees during the process. Your attorney will deduct their fees from your settlement. This type of payment arrangement is beneficial to the client who, due to their current medical condition, may not be able to afford legal representation.

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