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Thanks Ken!

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Thanks Ken! – Letters & Messages We Have Received From Satisfied Clients

Georgia Accident & Personal Injury Clients Appreciate Our Attorneys

Over the past 42 years we have handled thousands of cases at the law offices of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. We measure our success based on how our clients feel about the outcome. It is very rewarding to us when our clients tell us we made a difference in their lives.

Testimonials & Videos Of Some Of The Many Satisfied Clients & What They Had To Say About Ken & His Staff:

Barbara & Alan M.

Ken – We want to take a moment and give you some feedback about your Team.  Tim, Cindy, and Eric have been working on our case and they delivered a 5-Star performance. They exhibit the traits you expect in top-notch lawyers who are efficient, knowledgeable, always keep you in the loop about what was going on, quickly return calls/emails and are always accessible.

We especially want to point out the excellent work of Eric Sterling.  Eric was realistic with regards to what we could expect in a settlement. He clearly explained how insurance companies will try to minimize the payment and detailed the strategies he would use to get us what we deserve. More importantly, he indicated that it might take a little longer, but if we were patient, he knew he could get us the best deal out there.

Well Eric certainly knew what he was talking about because our settlement was almost 3 times what we expected. I was talking to a friend who is a lawyer and he was astounded at the settlement we received and told me that “That guy knows how to lawyer!”

My husband and I don’t give out 5-Star ratings easily.  We own a “Secret Shopping” company that evaluates employees and management, mainly in the golf & hospitality arena.  We know what’s out there when it comes to customer satisfaction and your firm and Team hit a Home Run.  When we were looking for a Georgia law firm, we asked our sister-in-law, Rebecca for advice.  She told us to contact Tim at Ken Nugent Attorneys At Law and we would find a firm that works hard for you with a dedication to winning principals and she was right. 

Hopefully, we won’t need Eric’s services in the future, but if we do… One Call, that’s all!

Marissa S., 4th Grade Teacher

Dear Ken Nugent Law Firm,

I just wanted to thank you for selecting me for your Teacher Appreciation Award.  I work in a Title 1 school where there isn’t much money for necessities, let alone extras.  I will definitely put this award to good use either in my classroom or for the whole 4th grade.  I think it is wonderful that your law firm appreciates teachers but is also willing to help them monetarily.  Again thank you so much!

Ron C.  (Case # 1026574)

Tanya – I am so grateful for your passion, dedication, and professionalism.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the amazing legal work you did on my behalf. I am blown away by your integrity and all the hard work you did on our behalf. I know you have a lot of clients, but yet you treated me as if I was the only one. I greatly appreciate the time and energy you spent on us. I had a wonderful experience with you. We became like family and I know if I had any questions, you would be right there. I appreciate all your help, determination, courage and analytical skills and hard work. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of a sound lawyer. Sincerely, Ron C. & Georgette C. and our go to girl (lol) – Amanda Collum

Anthony G. $500 EMT Appreciation Award Winner

Mr. Derrickson – I wanted to take a minute and thank you very much for the phone call yesterday. I am a third generation Firefighter and all my family is in public safety. Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for the $ 500.00. Thank you, Mr. Nugent, and Mr. Beasley for the generous gift.
Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance in the future, Anthony G.

Chris W.  (Case # 83726)

I did not even have to meet with the investigator, the attorney brought me right into his office.
Brian Clements is a great attorney. He is the type of lawyer who is not only a great listener, but a concerned advocate as well. He is extremely competitive and that makes him a tremendous asset.
Best law firm in Savannah.

Sharonia G. (Case # 92961)

The investigator was very respectful and professional. My overall experience with Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. was excellent, everyone was very professional I wasn’t given the run around, my calls were returned in a timely manner. Other than my accident the entire experience was painless.

Danielle S. (Case # 95515)

Marjorie was awesome! Being that this was my first car accident, she was able to calm down my frustration and get the ball rolling with my case. We spoke frequently and any questions that I had were answered promptly. She was also very frank about the process and didn’t sugar-coat anything which I can appreciate.
Working with the firm has made the overall process very easy when dealing with a car accident. I would recommend Ken Nugent’s office to anyone in the future.

Jeff B. (Case # 94631)

Tanya was great! I can’t say enough good things about her. She kept me informed and did a great job tracking down my records. She was always a pleasure to work with. Ken was very professional and did an excellent job representing my case.

Amber J. (Case # 95916)

Mel Johnson was an acceptional paralegal/investigator to work with. He made sure I had complete understanding of everything. He rocks!! Because of him I will definitely recommend Ken Nugent!! He is such a valuable asset to your company

Valerie E. (Case # 95205)

My case manager Ryan was awesome… He always kept in touch with me and he have me important info that I needed.

Leon S. (Case # 95303)

Mr Richardson was so understanding completely sympathetic very professional amazing. Mr Murdoch was completely on top of every situation. I can call him with any question and he would get an answer and Andrea was totally awesome just the most amazing team they are all rock stars. Mr. Richardson is the man he tried to go above and beyond more then I can ask. I cannot wait to meet them and thank him personally these are the most professional people then I have ever dealt with very caring understanding and empathetic what a great firm! they really care about the client and that’s a lot and that means a lot especially when you’re going through everything they really care and try to do the best for you.

Jackie K. (Case # 990054)

5 stars. Service is surpassed by none. Outstanding service from day 1. I would recommend this attorney to anyone. He provides excellent service and concern for his client. I have made several recommendations. In fact, my husband took me up on the recommendation a few months ago and is currently one of your clients.

Amber F. (Case # 989070)

Super laid back and courteous. Great guy! Mrs. Andrea was always there for any oddball question I would have. At one point I told her how scared I was and she talked me down and into a calm state with reassuring attitude. Mr.Richardson is an amazing attorney. He is kind, considerate and took great care with me. Everything he said to me was clear and concise. He baby stepped me through the whole process and felt actual concern towards my well-being. I will be returning to Mr.Richardson should anything else unfortunate happen to me or my family. Couldn’t ask for a better firm!

Krystal H. (Case # 957778)

Great law firm and currently using ya’ll again. I will continue to use or recommend Ken Nugent if the needs arise!

Phalett, S. (Case # 999290)

I was very happy with the help I got, if I ever get in another bad situation on the road, Ken Nugent will be the first one on my list. Thank you guys again. She was very prompt in returning my calls and also explaining what I need to know. Thanks to her also. Very good and experienced. I always keep that number in my phone, and was glad to used it, worse when that man told me I was wrong and I knew I was not. Thank you Ken Nugent!

Johnny F. (Case #994244)

Mr.Cherof and Ms. Galli were courteous and nice. They helped me out with my case tremendously and I “THANK YOU” all for helping me with my case.

Kelly L. (Case #993343)

Your team was great! They took the time to return calls promptly and always answered my questions. Lindsay Gallof was super friendly and went above and beyond to assist me with any questions or concerns!! Great customer service!!!

Rhonda G. (Case #990090)

I will definitely tell people about my case! Loved everyday and everyone who works there!

Richard B. (Case #991347)

Every one was helpful, courteous and professional.. I only had one final question and that is was all the put aside money used up by medical or is any left. Otherwise everything was incredible.
Wonderful people and the main person I talked to was great. No problems at all. Wonderful service and care. Mr. Fair was incredible attorney and very easy to talk with. Well he didn’t drive that beautiful car to come see me but that’s okay he is a busy guy. Unless he wants to come give me that car, I am wide open for that experience.

Delbert M. (Case #1001531)

Ryan Horn has been there when I had a question. This is my second case with Ryan Horn . I feel confident and comfortable with Attorney Ryan Horn at this time.

Jennifer D. (Case #993604)

Everything was taken care of quickly. I called and next thing I knew the caseworker was at my door. I would recommend Ken Nugent to everyone for all their legal needs. Thank you for caring about me and my family. God Bless.

Candace B. (Case #979777)

I was actually amazed at how quickly I got a response! I wish I could remember her name. She was so awesome and I trusted her right away. It did take a bit longer than I expected to get finalized. But am extremely pleased with the results!

Mary D. (Case #994563)

The investigator was wonderful! I appreciate how helpful he was with all of my questions and concerns. This was the first time that I have ever had to go through something like this. He really helped to ease my mind and reassured me that Mr. Nugent’s office would take care of everything.

Leny was very attentive to me and my son’s needs and concerns. I couldn’t have asked for a more courteous and helpful case manager.

Corey was very courteous and helpful to me and my son. He explained things very well and I appreciated that very much.

Ken’s office took away my stress and immediately went to work on my case. They set me and my son up with a doctor and we were seen very quickly. Awesome company to handle business with!

Mark O. (Case #985132)

Very good I would highly recommend The Firm of Ken Nugent. Again I highly recommend the firm of Ken Nugent it’s number one in my book. Very knowledgeable and very very helpful. I think I’ve already said it all a very good company I would highly recommend it

Heyward S. (Case #973638)

Will Hammill is the man. He is definitely going to be the one I call and suggest to others to call as well if the situation ever arrives. Wish Mr. Hammill and the misses all the best of luck in the future. Well deserved.

I had a different one every week it seemed. But didn’t bother me. Because they answered all my questions and seemed on top of things. But did make me ponder that Mr. Hammill must be pretty tough to work for. Lol jk But they were all very kind and a delight.

Outstanding! Very cool Kat. I never really cared for most attorneys. As we know their a**holes. But Mr. Hammill is definitely the one id choose again out of all the assholes out there that I’ve dealt with! And I’ve dealt with my fair share. He’s a class act and definitely would and already have recommend him. Great guy! Btw. No offense. im a used car dealer. So I understand.

Have already recommended to multiple people. In my business I’m the first one most people see after they wreck their vehicle. So def have put the word out there.

Joan S. (Case #972812)

Within a day someone contacted me, took al the information and informed me of the process. If I was ever unfortunate to be in this situation again, I would definitely contact your office. Mr. Clements was personable, knowledgeable and keep me informed. I could not have asked for more. I respect what the firm did for me given the circumstances.

Jane W. (Case #971215)

Lindsay was very responsive both by phone and email. Chris was very helpful in explaining all the details of the case and how he planned to handle it. He explained my role and what was needed from me. He answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease with the process.

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