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Georgia Accident Attorneys

Let My Family Work for Your Family

Ken Nugent’s legal team is special. First, it’s large. In fact, our law firm is one of the largest in the Southeast devoted exclusively to helping injury victims and their families. When your everyday business is taking on large insurance companies and corporations on behalf of those wronged by their actions, size is absolutely an advantage. However, what makes us unique is much more than the amount of resources we commit to each client’s case. The following attributes describe members of our highly-skilled Georgia accident attorney team:

Helping accident victims across Georgia

Ken Nugent founded his law firm in Atlanta in 1980 and the firm’s headquarters remains there today. But, shortly afterwards, he realized that many injury victims and their families outside of Atlanta were in need of quality and compassionate legal representation. Over time, he opened a total of 9 Georgia offices in—

The personal rewards to Ken and his business have been many, including—

  • Thousands of families are able to find a way forward after tragic life-altering events
  • The firm’s day-to-day operation provides jobs for well-qualified members of the community
  • The financial success from the firm’s hard work and dedicated injury attorneys provides the means to support local causes and charities. (See our Community Commitment page for more information.)

If you or a friend is in need of an experienced and dedicated Georgia accident attorney, call the Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. legal team today at 770-820-0711 One call, that’s all.

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