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Every case is different. And no law firm can guarantee what the outcome of your case will be. However, injury victims can often greatly increase the amount of their compensation by hiring the right law firm.  One way to determine which law firm should represent you is to look at the attorneys’ track record of results. A second way is to consider how accurately they can value your case at the start. (We have included a small sampling of our settlements and trial verdicts below for your review.)

The injury attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. have three key advantages in this area—

  • We routinely work cases in counties throughout Georgia, and know the local settlement and verdict amounts for cases similar to yours. In other words, a Savannah attorney is going to know the value of car accident cases in Chatham county much better than an Atlanta attorney that rarely practices in that region.
  • We are able to strategize and tap into the knowledge base of our 43 attorneys regarding issues that can increase the value of your case. Most injury law firms have less than half that experience.
  • It’s also an advantage that we have two lawyers who used to work on the defense side of injury litigation.

Our experience, focused law practice, and statewide coverage ensure that you have the means to win the largest possible award for your case.


ResultsCause of InjuryType of Injury
9,450,000.00Automobile AccidentBroken Ankle, Broken Foot, Severe Arm Lacerations
9,120,000.00Automobile AccidentMedical Malpractice
6,000,000.00Automobile AccidentMultiple Broken Bones, TBI
5,500,000.00Automobile AccidentSpinal Injury & Paralysis
5,000,000.00Automobile AccidentMultiple Fractures, Multiple Severe Lacerations, TBI, Collapsed Lung
5,000,000.00Automobile AccidentCatastrophic Injuries
4,750,000.00Automobile AccidentSpinal Injury & Paralysis
4,050,000.00Automobile AccidentCatastrophic Injuries
3,425,000.00Automobile AccidentSevere Injuries & Coma
2,500,000.00Automobile AccidentAcute Spinal Injuries
2,500,000.00Automobile AccidentSevere Pelvic Fracture & TBI
2,200,000.00Automobile AccidentHead Injury, Lung Injury, LOC, Lacerations, Fractures
2,100,000.00Automobile AccidentExtended Hospitalization, Multiple Surgeries
2,025,000.00Automobile AccidentSevere Injuries & Coma
2,000,000.00Automobile AccidentBroken Legs, Surgery
$3,950,000Automobile AccidentParaplegic and long term care
$2,500,000Automobile AccidentCatastrophic Injuries


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