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Georgia Slip & Fall Accident Attorney

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Georgia Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

If you fall, Ken Nugent’s team is there to pick you up

When you visit an office building, restaurant, government building, shopping center, hotel, apartment complex, or even take a walk, your experience should be free from hazards.  Businesses and property owners and managers have a duty to you and to the community.  They must be diligent, not negligent, in managing and maintaining their property.  You are their customer or guest and they should make sure that their premises are safe.  If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident caused by poorly maintained property, you deserve compensation for the damages you suffer.

It takes one call, that’s all for the property-liability lawyers at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.’s offices in Albany, Atlanta, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Duluth, MaconSavannah and Valdosta Georgia to swing into action. We protect the rights and represent the interests of clients injured in slip and fall accidents.  And we have been doing it for more than Over 40 years.

Owners must exercise reasonable care

People get hurt when a property owner is negligent. Dangerous situations can result from—

  • Objects that are not stored correctly
  • Parking lots that are not well lit
  • Stairways that are not properly maintained
  • Wet floors that are not marked
  • Elevators and escalators that do not work
  • Ice and snow that has not been removed
  • Construction areas that are not protected


People can be seriously injured because of these hazards.  They may suffer costly injuries that could have been avoided if property owners exercised reasonable care.

When you have been seriously injured because a property owner was not responsible, contact an attorney quickly. You may be entitled to compensation for losses sustained because of your injury. One call puts you in contact with someone who can advise you on the best way to handle your incident.

Helping Georgia’s slip & fall accident victims—One call, that’s all

Let an accident attorney in Georgia help you with a free case review to determine the extent of your injuries and claim. Click the chat bubble to send us a message or call us toll-free at 770-820-0711.


Helping Georgia’s slip & fall accident victims

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