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Atlanta, GA – Driver Apprehended After Doing Donuts In Intersection & Striking Pedestrians

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Atlanta, GA – Driver Apprehended After Doing Donuts In Intersection & Striking Pedestrians

Atlanta, GA (August 21, 2023) -An individual has been apprehended and taken into custody following a disturbing incident where they engaged in reckless driving maneuvers at a busy intersection during broad daylight, resulting in collisions with pedestrians.

Video footage captured the unsettling scene on Sunday at the junction of Northside Drive and 17th Street in Atlanta. The visuals show a standstill of traffic as multiple vehicles perform reckless maneuvers, including donuts, at the intersection, while occupants of the vehicles lean out of windows.

Amid this chaos, pedestrians can be seen standing in the midst of the roadway, observing the unfolding events.

A Georgia State Patrol trooper promptly intervened, arriving at the scene to disperse the disorderly gathering, causing spectators to scatter.

The driver of a black Ford F-150, responsible for the reckless driving, attempted to evade the trooper by driving away. In doing so, the driver struck several individuals, causing injury to at least one person, as confirmed by officials.

In the video, the trooper employs a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique) maneuver to halt the Ford F-150, subsequently exiting his patrol car with his firearm drawn. The trooper then climbs onto the hood of his vehicle, apprehends the driver through the truck’s driver-side window, and places the driver under arrest.

The Georgia State Patrol clarified that this was considered a felony stop, and the driver is currently in custody.

Incidents involving street racing and stunt driving have posed significant challenges in the Atlanta area. In April, law enforcement made five arrests during an unlawful

street racing event at the intersection of Courtland Street and John Wesley Dobbs Avenue.

Authorities emphasized that the issue tends to escalate during the summer months, and deterring such dangerous activities remains a priority for Atlanta police and their collaborative partners.

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Note: We have constructed this post using outside sources, including news bulletins and first-hand accounts from outside sources. The details concerning this accident have not been independently verified, so if you have identified false information, please inform us immediately. We will adjust the post to reflect accurate content.

Disclaimer: At Kenneth S. Nugent, PC Attorneys at Law, we are always looking to improve the quality and safety of our state and have been saddened by the outcome of many accidents across Georgia. We hope to inform those in our community about these accidents in the hopes that they will work to avoid serious Georgia accidents in the future. These posts are not to be taken as a solicitation for business. The information within should never be misconstrued as medical or legal advice. We hope that all involved in these accidents will receive a speedy recovery.

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