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Kenneth S. Nugent Is The Right Choice For an Auto Accident Attorney In Albany

Accidents do not occur on a schedule, nor do they happen at a convenient time. A majority of accidents that occur each day are auto related. When these accidents happen, you need the services of a professional auto accident attorney in Albany.

When searching for an auto accident attorney in Albany, you will not need to look any further than Kenneth S. Nugent, PC. This professional law office has the ability to properly represent you and ensure that your rights as a victim are protected.

It is not uncommon for the victim of an auto accident to be immediately contacted by the opposing party’s insurance carrier within a day or two of the accident. This is done with the intent of protecting the interests of the insurance company, not the accident victim.

The insurance company may ask for you to give a recorded statement about that accident, and begin to make offers to repair your car and pay for your medical expenses. You should refrain from giving this statement or agreeing to any offers until you have spoken to an auto accident attorney in Albany.

An attorney will make sure that your rights as a victim are protected. This includes making sure you receive all the necessary medical treatment for your injuries, and that your car is repaired with the right parts. In addition, an attorney can help determine if you are entitled to further damages such as recovery for loss of work, permanent disabilities, or other related issues.

When you are injured in an auto accident, the first thing you should do is seek medical attention for yourself and your passengers. Once you have been stabilized and are out of any danger, you should seek legal counsel. The professional attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, PC have legal representatives available to take your call 24 hours a day. If your injuries prevent you from going to the office for a consultation our case Investigators will come to you.

An accident can change your life. An accident may be very small and only cause minor losses, or it may be very significant and create a need for life long medical care. Either way, as a victim of an accident, you need to seek proper representation to ensure that your needs are met and your rights are protected. An auto accident attorney in Albany is available to you at any time of the day or night when you call the Kenneth S. Nugent Law Office PC.

Helping Albany, Georgia auto accident victims—One call, that’s all

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