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What Are The Biggest Factors Causing Atlanta Traffic Accidents?

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Car Wreck Law FirmAtlanta Traffic – Does it Lead to More Car Accidents? 

The state of Georgia has one of the nation’s highest rates of traffic accidents, resulting in major injuries and significant costs to most of those involved in them. However, what is it that causes these accidents? There are actually only a handful of factors causing many of these road accidents. So, why do drivers get involved in Atlanta accidents? If you’ve been in an accident in Atlanta, you should definitely get in touch with a car accident lawyer as soon as possible!

The primary reasons for vehicle accidents in and around Atlanta include:

Drunk Driving: This alone accounts for nearly a quarter of all traffic fatalities across the Peach State. It’s also a contributing factor to quite a few non-fatal accidents as well, which mean’s it’s the primary cause of vehicle crashes across the entire state. DUIs don’t just involve the consumption of alcohol, as anyone driving while under the influence of drugs is also considered a DUI.

Distracted Driving: Pay attention to the road, Georgia drivers! Many drivers don’t consider distracted driving as something hazardous, up until the point that someone using their phone cuts them off without realizing it. Distracted driving has the potential to reduce reaction time to the same level that drunk driving does, leading to serious numbers of crashes. Distractions don’t always involve phones; quite a few accident reports list distractions ranging from makeup and food to hands-free phone calls, music, and other passengers.

DWT: Driving while texting is actually an official legal term now. Some of the worst offenders here are teen drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 that are responsible for a greater number of accidents than any of the other demographic groups currently tracked. As a matter of fact, the foremost predictor of a driver getting into a crash is simply how young they are. Teen drivers just aren’t as experienced, nor do they always make sound judgments behind the wheel. Also, they’re more likely to be drivers that fall prey to distractions, drink alcohol, or just use excessive speed. Speaking of which…

Going Over The Speed Limit: Speeding is one factor that can exacerbate every other one already listed above. It’s frequently prevalent in cases with other causes, such as aggressive teen driving or drunk driving. Speeding by itself isn’t always a singular cause of accidents, but it certainly contributes to them. It’s just harder to react to surprises when on the road if you are driving too fast. Also, speeding is something that usually makes injuries more severe in vehicle accidents where it is a present and/or a contributing factor.

Various Other Contributing Factors Involved in Atlanta Traffic Accidents

The reasons listed above won’t account for every single traffic accident in the state of Georgia, but they do cover most of them. There are certainly a variety of other factors that regularly cause accidents too. Some of the more frequent ones include the following:

  • Changing lanes aggressively
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Inattentive drivers
  • Conditions of low visibility
  • Slippery conditions
  • Following other vehicles too closely

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