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Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

25 years of representing Georgia car accident victims

Georgia car accident lawyer at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. represent clients involved in auto accidents.  We help you receive compensation for injuries and property damages sustained in car wrecks caused by the carelessness, negligence, and wrongdoing of others.

Fighting for the compensation you deserve

If you have been injured in a Georgia car wreck, you can make one call to Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. and start the process. Car accidents are never easy to deal with.  In addition to requiring medical attention, you need to handle insurance claims, interact with the police, and figure out how get around without a car or arrange for alternate transportation.   It can be overwhelming—

  • Working with the police to fill out an accurate accident report
  • Gathering names and addresses of witnesses
  • Taking photos of the accident scene before it is cleared
  • Dealing with the other driver(s) and obtaining proper contact and insurance information
  • Figuring out your insurance coverage
  • Overcoming the shock most car accidents cause
  • Getting and documenting medical attention
  • Fending off aggressive insurance claims adjusters

What Georgia car accident victims should do after an accident

What you do directly after a car wreck can make a difference to the outcome of your insurance claim and if needs be, your lawsuit.  Taking the time to follow these steps provides you with the opportunity to collect valuable information that otherwise would evaporate as soon as the tow trucks arrive.

  • You must always call the police after a car accident.  Most insurance claims are not valid if submitted without a police report.  Work with the police to sketch out the exact sequence of events.
  • Always seek medical attention at the scene, and if advised to do so, go in an ambulance to the emergency room.  Some injuries are masked by the shock of being involved in an accident.  Medical professionals are equipped to diagnose these injuries, even if you do not experience the symptoms until later.
  • If you are unable to remain at the scene, call a family member or friend to come to the scene to help you if there is no uninjured passenger to back you up.  Another person can help you with the following steps.
  • Gather the name, address, phone number, and insurance information from the driver who hit you.
  • Write down the names and contact info for witnesses who saw what happened.
  • Take photos of all damaged vehicles, their position on the road, and skid marks if they exist.  If you do not have a camera with you, use your cell phone camera.  Any images you capture can be helpful to the investigation later on.
  • Consider contacting a lawyer who specializes in auto accidents and personal injury law.
  • Do NOT make statements regarding the accident to onlookers, the other driver, or anyone at the scene.  Such statements can be used against you in the future.
  • Do NOT agree to sign or record any statement for any insurance company representative without first contacting a Georgia car crash lawyer.

Understanding why it is important to get full and fair compensation

From a consumer point of view, we pay for insurance to make ourselves whole again after an accident that causes serious injury and property damage. Insurance companies, on the other hand, are commercial businesses offering a product designed to make a profit.  Insurance claims reduce profits, so insurance companies have devised a number of strategies to keep you from receiving full and fair compensation.  However, accidents that cause serious injuries are costly.  It is important to gain compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the many other things you pay for financially and emotionally.

The experienced Georgia car wreck lawyers at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. know how to file insurance claims—and file lawsuits if necessary—to get you the full and fair comepnsation you deserve.  Research shows that victims with lawyers consistently receive greater money settlements and awards than those who try to handle their claims alone.

Our initial free consultation is designed so that in one call you can find the best way to get the fair and full compensation you deserve for your injuries, vehicle damage, and lost property value.  A little-known result of an accident is that the value of your repaired vehicle decreases. Known as diminished value, this is another area where we can assist you to get fair treatment from your insurance company.

Visit our successful results page to see how we have helped others who have been involved in serious accidents.

Helping Georgia injury & accident victims—One call, that’s all

Let an Atlanta car wreck lawyer or an attorney from one of our 8 Georgia locations help you with a free case review to determine the extent of your injuries and auto accident claim. Click the chat bubble to send us a message or call us toll free at 1-888-579-1790.

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