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Medical malpractice cases are extremely difficult to prove and they are best handled by a Columbus GA medical malpractice attorney with extensive experience in these complex cases. As you seek information about medical malpractice in Georgia, Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. offers the following answers to some frequently asked questions in this area of law.

Frequently asked questions about medical malpractice

What kind of settlement can I expect from a Columbus GA medical malpractice lawyer?

Skilled Georgia medical malpractice attorneys fight to obtain the maximum compensation for their clients. The actual amount of a settlement depends on the unique facts of each case. Generally, patients with more serious injuries can expect to recover higher rewards.

Is my doctor negligent if he misdiagnoses me?

It depends on the situation. Your doctor may be negligent if he or she misdiagnoses you, or fails to follow the proper medical procedures in making your diagnosis. For example, this might include failing to order the proper tests or misreading the results. You must prove, however, that the misdiagnosis led to a serious injury.

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Is prescribing me the wrong medicine considered medical malpractice?

When a physician fails to properly treat a condition by prescribing the wrong medication, and that failure to properly treat you results in significant injury, you may bring a malpractice claim.

Is a doctor liable for medical malpractice if he or she explained the risks but you still have complications?

Even if a doctor received a proper informed consent from a patient for an operation, the doctor must still perform in accordance with expected medical standards. Failure to do so can in some cases give rise to a medical malpractice claim.

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence is another term for medical malpractice. Generally, if the performance of a health care professional deviates from a standard practice, and those actions result in harm to a patient, the health care professional may be liable for medical negligence and a medical malpractice claim may be brought.

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