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You never plan to have an accident, it just happens. Auto accidents occur at an alarming rate each day, with over 3 million auto accident related injuries being report in 2010 alone. The cost of these accidents exceeded $216 billion dollars when all losses were taken into account. These figures, taken from the National Highway Safety Board, show just how serious an auto accident can be, even when it may initially seem minor.

When you are injured in a car accident, it is recommended that you seek legal counsel. An auto accident attorney in Duluth, such as Kenneth S. Nugent, PC, can help you with your auto accident claim. Upon reviewing your case, the professional attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, PC, will determine if you have a case against the insurance company, and what type of damages you may legally seek.

Many people do not realize how many things in their life can be affected by even the smallest injury. Loss of income and productivity due to the injury is just one factor that must be considered. Other important issues, such as loss of enjoyment of life, permanent disability status, and property damages must also be considered.

If you are unable to return to work, you will still need a way to support yourself and your family. This is a very important factor in the settlement process. You may be able to retrain for a new position so that you can actively support yourself again. However, paying for this training should not be your responsibility, you are the victim. Your attorney in Duluth will help review all these factors to make sure you receive fair compensation.

In addition to these issues, your health is also carefully reviewed. If you are going to need ongoing treatments for the injuries sustained in the accident, your Duluth attorney will make sure that the settlement includes this treatment.

The professionals at the law offices of Kenneth S. Nugent, PC have many years of experience helping victims of auto accidents in Georgia. With seven offices located throughout the state, the experienced attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent, PC. Can reach and help anyone that has been victimized by someone that was negligent behind the wheel.

Contact an attorney as soon as possible after you have been injured. This will ensure that your rights are protected right from the start and that you receive all of the proper medical treatment you need to speed your recovery.

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