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Georgia Auto Accident Reports

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A Georgia vehicle crash must be reported if it results in significant property damage and/or injury to any party involved. The other driver of the collision might choose not to report the accident and settle it informally with direct payment for any damages done, but this decision can have serious consequences down the line. Our Georgia motor vehicle accident attorneys advise that you contact law enforcement so an investigation can take place- which is especially helpful if you later discover you had injuries not immediately apparent at first sight.

Georgia Auto Accident ReportsWhen you contact law enforcement, the officers that respond to the scene will talk to those involved in the collision, as well as any witnesses, during their investigation of the accident. A police report is important because it highlights key pieces of evidence in addition to witness observations that may be used as grounds for further investigation or determining who is at fault. This official report from law enforcement gives insurance companies the information that they need during investigations- so it’s important that you contact the police immediately if you are involved in a wreck. If you have not already done so, we will obtain this report for you.

Crash Reporting – GDOT Crash Data Dashboard

The GDOT Crash Data Dashboard provides crash and vehicle data from accidents that have occurred on Georgia’s public roads. It also details campaigns in the state of Georgia, which can help you find any information about a specific campaign or by filtering it down to a county or region. The dashboard contains crashes over the last 5 years. View the GDOT Crash Data Dashboard.

Request Your Crash Report

Police crash reports are available through the Buycrash system. A Crash Report can be purchased directly via BuyCrash.com or by submitting a request to GDOT via the GDOT Request Form.

Questions About Georgia Auto Accident Reports?

If you have questions about obtaining Georgia Auto Accident Reports, correcting mistakes or omissions in the report, or pursuing an accident injury claim- don’t hesitate to call our car crash lawyers. We’ll help you through any aspect of your case and represent your interests throughout all of Georgia, including rural areas in the state. No matter where you are located – we’re just a phone call away!

Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report DMVS-523

Georgia accident reports must be filed if a vehicle is involved in any type of accident and there was property damage, injuries, or deaths. A Georgia uniform motor vehicle accident report DMVS-523 is used for this purpose. The officer attending the scene must record all details related to the incident on that form. If no one attended your car crash, you should use DDS-190 Personal Report of Accident form to file an official report with law enforcement headquarters.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning GA Car Wreck Reports:

How do I look up an accident report in Georgia?

You can request a copy of your Georgia car accident report by going to the local police department, contacting the GSP, or buying one on BuyCrash.com.

Are car accident reports public record in Georgia?

You may wonder if your accident report will be a public record in Georgia. The short answer is ‘yes.’ However, the ease with which someone can access the information held on your report depends on many factors, like who you are and where it happened.

How do I get my accident report online in Georgia?

Police crash reports are available through the Buycrash system. A Crash Report can be purchased directly via BuyCrash.com or by submitting a request to GDOT via the GDOT Request Form.

How do I obtain a police report in Georgia?

If you are involved in a car accident, the first step is to go to the specific department that handled your case and ask for their police report. It may take several days before they have it ready.

Are Police Reports Public Record Georgia?

In Georgia, the starting place for open records is the presumption that all public records are available to everyone. If you are a resident of Georgia, you have a statutory right to inspect a vast number of Georgia’s public records using the state’s Open Records Act (OPA).

How long after an accident can you file a police report in Georgia?

In the State of Georgia, most car accidents are under a 2-year deadline for filing claims for injuries. You have 4 years from the date of your auto accident to file a claim for property damage.

What does the Georgia Department of Public Safety do?

The Georgia Department of Public Safety oversees the day-to-day operations of all three state police units, which include traffic enforcement and crash investigation teams.

How much does it cost to get a police report?

The report’s status largely determines how much information is made available to the public. For example, if a case is under active investigation or pending court, details will not be released publicly. The cost for each Crime Report ranges from $10 per copy up to ten pages and $1 for each additional page after ten pages.
How Our Georgia Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

We must understand what the report means in order to interpret whether mistakes were made. To do this, we need a key or overlay that is rarely provided by the police department. This key or overlay provides clues as to how data is organized and compared in reports and conclusions it makes. Georgia motor vehicle accident reports provide the vital information needed right from the start to get a personal injury claim started. They can be confusing, but they are very useful in identifying all of your options if you know what to look for.

If you or someone that you care about has suffered a serious injury or death because of another person’s negligence and would like to learn more about your legal rights, our experienced Georgia car accident lawyers can help.

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