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KSN Online Scavenger Hunt

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Welcome to Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. Attorneys at Law’s first One Call That’s All Online Scavenger Hunt!

We are excited to announce that the winners of the Kenneth S. Nugent, PC Online Scavenger Hunt contest are:

  • Robert K. – iPad
  • Wanda M. – $200
  • Madison M. – $100

Check our website frequently for your chance to participate in future contests and giveaways!

You can download the KSN app here: https://snappy.appypie.com/index/app-download/app_id/81f306dfd250. Or, search ‘Ken Nugent’ in the app store!

Check us out on social media for more contests like this:

Twitter: @KennethNugent | Facebook: @AttorneyKenNugent | Instagram: @kennugent

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