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It is common belief that most accidents that occur on the road are due to someone that is under the influence. The correct statement would read that most auto accident fatalities are due to a driver that is under the influence. A large majority of accidents occur due to the negligent action or inaction of the offending driver.

When you are injured in an auto accident, it is wise to call an attorney before you give any type of statement to the insurance company. This is very important because insurance agents are trained to push for a quick settlement of the case, before they even really know what took place or the state of your health.

Contacting an accident attorney in Macon, like the law office of Kenneth S. Nugent, PC, will help guarantee that your rights are protected, and that the insurance company performs to the standards of the law.

The Law Firm of Ken Nugent will thoroughly review your case. This will include the accident report, medical records and even paperwork from your employer stating what your lost wages are anticipated to be based on your medical exam. Once this information is reviewed, and it is accepted by the firm, the attorneys will begin actively working your case.

Your attorney will make sure that you are receiving the proper medical care, that your car and other personal property is being handled correctly for repairs, and that the insurance company is making sure that your best interest is one in the same as theirs.

The attorney at Kenneth S. Nugent, PC, will also begin determining what other factors are to be considered in your settlement with the insurer. For example, you may have sustaining injuries that require lifetime care. You may lose the ability to work, or you may need retraining. Your injuries may result in you not being able to live your life in the same manner as you did prior to the accident. Each and every one of these details must be carefully considered by the attorney before reaching an agreement on your behalf with the insurer.

Thankfully, if you are seeking the professional services of an auto accident attorney in Macon, you are not one of the 31,000 fatalities that occur each year on this nation’s roads. While your injuries may be very serious, at least you will have the ability to recover. The attorneys at the law office of Kenneth S. Nugent, PC, will be there to help you with that recovery.

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