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We all have to put our trust in a doctor, nurse, or another healthcare professional at some point. We depend on these professionals to carry out treatments accurately and treat a variety of medical diseases with great care whether we are ill or injured. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen to even the most sincere medical professional, healthcare facility, or hospital, and occasionally those mistakes can have disastrous effects on patients and their families. When doctors, surgeons, dentists, pharmacists, or other professionals fail to give a patient proper care or adhere to accepted standards of practice, it is considered medical malpractice.

Albany Medical Malpractice Lawyers

All medical service providers in Albany, GA, including duly credentialed medical professionals, hospitals, and healthcare institutions, are tasked with providing competent care to individuals who have illnesses or injuries. The consequences of careless or incompetent conduct can have a profound impact on one’s quality of life when any component fails to uphold the appropriate “standard of care” in diagnosing, prescribing medicine, or treating the ailment.

Due to the negligence of their primary doctor, surgeon, medical staff, healthcare facility, pharmacy, another provider, or HMO insurance company, patients may sustain significant, disabling, or even deadly injuries. Malpractice-related medical errors can worsen a patient’s current condition or cause them to sustain brand-new injuries.

A provider may have committed malpractice if policies and procedures are not correctly followed or if they don’t use the standard of care and expertise when providing services. However, there are many things to take into account, and complicated cases frequently need a skilled medical malpractice lawyer to prepare and deliver a case on time.

Our personal injury attorneys are aware that the period right after any unanticipated medical injury may be extremely perplexing, upsetting, and emotional. However, our legal team can engage with the hospital system and use medical law to assess your rights and legal choices while you are recovering from a medical error or harm.

Avoiding Common Misconceptions About Medical Errors

It is not always possible to win a lawsuit and pursue financial recompense just because a medical procedure or surgery had a poor outcome. Only when a clinician behaves inappropriately or fails to provide the required level of care can medical malpractice arise. In Albany, Georgia, some instances of medical negligence include:

Diagnostic errors or missed diagnoses

This might refer to a diagnosis that was made much later. For instance, a certain medical condition might not have been thoroughly checked for, or symptoms might not have been effectively examined.
Incorrect interpretation of lab test findings or improper referral to a specialist is other examples of this.

Surgical or operating room mistakes

This can involve using ineffective sterilizing methods or ignoring other patient preparation-related problems. Other reasons include choosing the incorrect technique and providing subpar care that results, for instance, in blood clots or post-operative infection. Sometimes these mistakes exacerbate pre-existing medical problems; other times they lead to the development of new ones.

Birth-related harm

This category of medical negligence includes improper prenatal care, which includes the prescription of drugs that can harm the fetus. Inadequate evaluation of the infant while still in the womb or injuries brought on by a delay in treatment are two examples of this. Two further examples include failing to conduct a C-section or using forceps incorrectly.

Noncompliance with protocols

This can include failing to have a backup physician on call, releasing you from the hospital too soon, failing to follow up on test results, failing to provide a patient with the right instructions, and more.

Faulty medical equipment

One such is the potential for failing components in the Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant to corrode and cause a number of issues, including but not limited to early device failure. Additionally, metal-on-metal knee and/or hip implants have been implanted without adequate disclosure of any potential risks.

Abuse or neglect in nursing homes

Unhygienic living conditions, a lack of assistance when needed, unexplained injuries, inadequate nourishment, and other things are some indications of neglect or abuse. The “highest feasible” standard of care for residents must be provided by nursing homes per the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987.

Drug or pharmacy mistakes

This kind of mistake can be made by a variety of medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, and even drug manufacturer. When medications are administered that have known adverse interactions with others or those cause allergies, this type of error can turn into malpractice. Another factor that could contribute to a situation turning into medical malpractice is incorrect labeling.

Delayed or ineffective remedies

This includes circumstances in which a medical practitioner falls short of the standards of care that another professional with a comparable level of training and experience would apply.
One possible scenario is getting a cold diagnosis when you have pneumonia.

Negligence in the emergency room

Due to the fact that emergency rooms frequently see patients who have serious injuries or illnesses, the required standards of care may be different from those in a primary care doctor’s office.
But that does not preclude malpractice from happening in emergency rooms.
It is both possible and common.

Inadequate patient monitoring

If you are not properly monitored for complications, these circumstances may arise both during and after surgery. Post-surgical infections, poor discharge instructions, and other situations may fall under this category.

Hospital or healthcare facility mistakes

This may involve misdiagnosis, harmful medicines, and other things. One more instance of this is when a patient refuses to consent to surgery.

Patient neglectful abandonment

A medical malpractice claim may be made in the event that a doctor neglects a patient who needs medical attention and the patient is unable to obtain a replacement, suffering as a result.

Even though the vast majority of healthcare professionals perform excellent work, mistakes may occasionally occur. Any entity or a number of entities may be held liable for your damages because all providers are obligated to use reasonable care in accordance with the requirements for the profession concerned.

Be aware that medical malpractice is a term that is frequently misinterpreted. If the outcomes of a consultation or procedure don’t resolve your medical issue, the scenario is not malpractice. When a medical provider provides subpar care when, if standards of care were followed, you would be fine, that is when it becomes malpractice.

Does this sound like a circumstance you have encountered? If so, please be aware that we offer a free consultation during which we will examine your data. You can reach us online or by phone at (229) 420-3660 to arrange a free consultation with one of our skilled Albany GA medical malpractice attorneys.

Managing Serious Injury or Death

The compensation you get can help you deal with a major physical injury or the sudden death of a loved one, even if no amount of money can make up for medical misconduct. However, don’t anticipate your healthcare facility or provider to acknowledge a duty violation. It is crucial to see one of our malpractice attorneys as soon as you think mistakes may have been made since there may be deadlines that must be followed. You only have two years from the time that your damage was discovered if you were the victim of medical misconduct to make a personal injury claim.

You will get to know everyone involved in your personal injury litigation at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. because we treat our clients like family. Many personal injury claims begin with a “gut feeling” that something isn’t right, even when certain failures or faults are clear.  You might be encouraged to file a claim in writing against one or more of the parties involved once our team gathers and examines relevant information regarding your case.

Please get in touch with Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.’s malpractice attorneys

Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. is available to assist you if you were hurt by a medical professional. We are well suited to assess the crucial components of your case and proceed effectively because our medical malpractice attorneys focus on both personal injury and medical negligence.

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