Vic Beasley, middle linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons, is a leader on and off the field. Ten other men depend on him to get there first and protect the play. He is a game changer who helps to stabilize the defense.

Like Vic Beasley, EMTs, AEMTs and Paramedics protect us every day. They are an extremely important part of our First Responder Campaign. These people risk their lives every day to save ours. Without them we would have little chance to survive. The first few minutes in any injury accident are extremely important.

These professionals immediately go into overdrive, to quickly determine the severity of an injury and what the best method of treatment is in order to stabilize the injured. Often they are risking their own safety, true HEROs.

We want to give back to them. So we have teamed up with radio station 680 The Fan and Vic Beasley to offer our EMT Appreciation Award. Each week, during the Atlanta Falcon’s 2017/2018 season, we are giving away money to a deserving EMT, AEMT, or Paramedic. All you have to do is register below, then listen on 680 The Fan to hear who was randomly selected each week. Thanks again for your hard work!

Rules of EMT Appreciation Award:

This EMT Appreciation Award is only open to EMT, AEMT and paramedics who hold a valid NREMT Certificate Number. The amount to be awarded each week is determined by the number of sacks made by Vic Beasley, in that game. The formula is easy $500.00 for every sack:

0 – 1 sack = $500.00

2 sacks = $1,000.00

3 sacks = $1,500.00

4 sacks = $2,000.00

5 sacks = $2,500.00

No limit to the number of sacks per game x $500.00

Please fill out the registration form below to enter the contest.


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