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One Call That’s All Coloring Book

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Here at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we have a commitment to helping all family members of our accident victims. We know that it’s not always fun or easy for your kids to come and sit still while paperwork is filled out, or while lengthy depositions take place. That’s why we created the One Call That’s All Coloring Book.

Illustrated by our own Madison Nugent, the One Call That’s All Coloring Book, is our gift to you. Ken loves his grandchildren, the #OneCrawlThatsAll babies, and we hope the coloring book will be as much of a hit with your children as it is with ours!

Next time you come in with your kids, make sure to ask the front desk for a FREE coloring book. Your kids will have the opportunity to quietly entertain themselves, while also learning safety tips for being in and around cars and roads!

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