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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta

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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta

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    Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta, Georgia

    Why should you seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer like Ken Nugent if you have been injured? A top level of care and compensation are our primary goal because we believe that every client deserves top notch service. At the Law Offices of Ken Nugent, all it takes is a quick and free review for us to determine if we can assist with your claim. Insurers are aware of their legal responsibilities to accident victims. However, they often get away with denying claims or getting people to accept low settlements because they know that many members of the public are not aware of these legal obligations.

    The easiest way for you to avoid falling victim of such practices by insurers is to hire an experienced personal injury law firm. In addition to demanding that the insurance companies abide by the law, experienced personal injury attorneys, such as those working at the Ken Nugent law offices will help safeguard your rights.

    You may feel what seems like and endless amount of stress when you are injured and trying to make a claim. Your mind is constantly weighed down by thoughts of how your family will end up, what to do about unpaid bills and lost income as you try to recover from your injuries. Experienced personal injury attorneys know that your mind should be solely focused on recovery. You can start healing and reduce your stress when you hire an experienced personal injury lawyer like Ken Nugent.

    The type and severity of personal injuries varies. You should first seek medical attention, and then you should seek a free consultation from an experienced personal injury attorney. The offices of Attorney Ken Nugent offer free consultations 24/7, and we will send someone out to you for a follow-up if we are able to represent you for your claim.

    Experienced Attorneys in Atlanta That Can Help!

    You should remember that finding dependable and experienced attorneys for representation is of paramount importance. Insurance companies are only looking out for their own best interests. Profits are prioritized over doing what is right. You need someone on your side whose sole focus is helping you recover from your injuries while maximizing your recovery.

    Reasons To Choose Our Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

    If you need to take your case to court, having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side is essential. If the responsible party is attempting to avoid giving you the compensation that you deserve, litigating the case might be necessary. The process at this point can become more complex because court deadlines have to be met and legal statutes have to be respected. Depositions, mediations, and witness testimony might be necessary in addition to ongoing negotiations with the insurance company. This is where an experienced personal injury lawyer can make all the difference. With our knowledge and experience we can fight to help maximize your compensation.  You can focus on your recovery, as we handle all these various aspects of your case.

    When it comes to making a successful claim, evidence plays a huge role. We start by having  an experienced personal injury lawyer team collect all the evidence they can on your case. Remember that the liable party will use any evidence or opportunity they can to try and make it seem like they are not at fault. This is why the attention to detail that an experienced personal injury attorney has at our firm is so important.

    We will then do our very best to get you the compensation you deserve, after compiling all the relevant facts and evidence. We understand that you are not just seeking compensation for your injuries, but also for the emotional suffering that you and your family and friends have experienced, related medical expenses and lost wages, among others.

    We Handle The Following Cases, Practice Areas and Injury Types In Atlanta, Georgia

    We specialize in cases involving auto accidents, such as trucks, cars and motorcycles. When it comes to finding the party at fault and looking for supporting evidence, research and diligence on our part will help keep you and your claim protected. Thanks to their dedication and experience, our experienced personal injury attorneys can take on any challenges and fight to overcome them successfully.

    We also deal with cases involving slip and fall injuries as well as medical malpractice. An in depth understanding of the claimant’s side of the story as well as the overall case is required when it comes to these types of cases. Our attorneys have the expertise and experience to tackle such cases. Contact us now for a free consultation and get a head start on your path towards justice on your personal injury case by calling (888) 740-9199. We are available 24/7. One Call, That’s All!


    Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

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