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When you are injured your life is disrupted. This disruption may be temporary, but in many cases it is permanent. As the injured party, you are entitled to medical care and compensation for your injuries. The responsible party, and their insurance company, have specific obligations to you regarding this injury, obligations that required by law.

Personal Injury Law Firm Atlanta, GA

If you have been injured you should seek the counsel of Ken Nugent. The Law Offices of Ken Nugent can quickly review your case and determine what compensation and care you are entitled to regarding your injury. Insurance companies know what obligations they have to the injured party. However, they often rely on the fact that the public is unaware of these obligations, which allows them to deny claims.

Hiring a professional law firm is the easiest way that you can avoid falling victim to these practices by the insurance companies. An accident attorney, like those found at the Law Offices of Ken Nugent, will protect your rights and demand that the insurance company complies with the law.

When you are injured it may seem that the stress will never end. As you try to recuperate the thoughts of lost income, unpaid bills, and the fate of your family will rest heavily on your mind. This additional stress is not conducive to healing, and in many cases lengthens the healing process. As an injured person, you should be dedicating your time and thoughts to recovery, and nothing else. When you employ an Atlanta personal injury attorney your stress can be relieved, and the healing can begin.

Personal injuries come in many forms and in different degrees of severity. Each of these injuries, regardless of size or severity, can disrupt your life and cause harm. If you or your loved one has been injured or harmed due the negligence of someone else, you should first seek medical attention and then seek legal counsel and call upon a trusted law firm. The Law Offices of Ken Nugent will send someone to you personally within 48 hours and advise you of your legal rights.

Personal Injury Lawyers In Atlanta That Can Help!

It is important to remember that insurance companies have legal representation, and so should you. It is never in the best interest of an insurance company to willingly pay on an insurance claim. This fact holds true throughout the insurance industry. Legal rights are often overlooked in lieu of profit margins. Do not allow yourself to be treated in this manner, hire legal representation and fight for what is fair.

Why Hire Our Accident Attorneys?

Hiring the right injury lawyer to support your auto accident case is one of the key factors in justifying your claim in court. This is something that friends and family need to be careful for too. Sometimes the injury is so severe that the time it takes for you to heal is used in gathering evidence by the party at fault and they avoid if not all, then some of the payment they’re supposed to make. There have been many cases even registered in our law firm where the injured party took too long to hire a lawyer that the case became a challenge. Still, we succeeded in getting as much out of the opponent as possible.

We will take off all the insurance pressure so that you can focus on your recovery. Even unpaid medical bills will be taken care of once you hire one of our personal injury lawyers.

Evidence is a key factor in winning a claim. The first thing that we do once you hire us is get an investigation party collects as much data as possible on the case. The opponent is to use the same scene to falsify your claim. We will look at the case from an opponent’s point of view too.

After getting all the information together, now we will fight your case to get you the compensation you deserve. This is because the case is not only a matter of an injury, there are also lost wages, medical bills and of emotional stress to friends and family.

We file the case in a way that sends a serious message to the insurance carrier and the person at fault. We show how we have established grounds for this case and that we will take all necessary measures to satisfy our client. The person at fault has to pay for all the problem he/she has caused in our client’s life.

There are a few cases in Atlanta when the insurance company denies all claims. That is when the case is to be taken to trial. Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers are skilled at trials and will not hesitate a moment before taking it there. This is because they have gathered all the information and have proper justification that your claim is true and that you should be compensated for what they have done. Such cases only demand time and perseverance. Perseverance comes with a dedication to the case. We will make sure that you don’t lose hope by taking care of everything that the case needs.

Type of Injuries and Cases We Handle in Atlanta Georgia

Our lawyers can handle any case that you can put up but there are some in which we specialize. These are actually the ones that we have the most experience in. We fight auto accident cases for motorcycles, cars and even trucks! Car accidents are the easiest to investigate and find the vehicle at fault. Motorcycle and truck accidents on the other hand are a challenge to fight and satisfy the claim. This is because truck insurances are difficult to fight against and there are a lot of stakeholders associated with them, making the claim harder to justify. Motorcycle accidents pose a lot of problems too. This is because witnesses can explain the accident in a variety of ways and there can be equal witnesses on the claimant and the opponent side. These types of challenges are readily undertaken by our injury attorneys who justify them with dedication.

Not only this, we deal with medical malpractice too along with slip and fall injuries. These two also require deep understanding of the case and the plaintiff’s point of view. These cases require the experience and professionalism that our lawyers possess. Contact us now at (404) 885-1983 to get started with a free personal injury case consultation.

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