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Personal Injury Law Firm Atlanta

Personal Injury Claims In Atlanta: When You Need A Law Firm

Severe Injuries

How much compensation you receive for your accident is mainly determined by the severity of your injuries. And how severe your injuries are considered to be is measured by how much your medical bills are, the kind of injuries you have sustained, and how long it takes for you to recover from your injuries. As the total amount of your potential compensation continues to go up, the wider the range of that compensation can be. In those situations, it can definitely be worth the expense to have your claim handled by an attorney to ensure that you receive the highest amount of compensation possible.

Medical Malpractice & Finding the Best Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

If you sustained an injury or illness due to the incompetent, careless, or unprofessional treatment of a healthcare or medical provider, such as a nurse, doctor, laboratory, clinic, or hospital there are complex legal rules and medical questions that are involved. You will most certainly need to hire an attorney who is experienced in handling medical malpractice cases.

Toxic Exposure

10/26 E Point, GA – Car Crash on The Perimeter Near Washington Rd Leads to InjuriesYou will definitely want to consult with an attorney for certain types of personal injury claims, especially those that involve toxic exposure, malpractice, or severe injuries.

At times the skills and resources of an experienced personal injury attorney – or the threat that such a lawyer might present to an insurance company – are worth the amount of money you need to pay the attorney to represent you. You might need an attorney due to the complex rules that are involved in your specific claim, or due to the severity of the injuries that you have sustained that might cause the amount of compensation you need and deserve to vary significantly from the norm – or just due to the fact that the insurance company is refusing to settle your claim in good faith. The following kinds of accidents and injuries almost always require help from an attorney.

Permanently Disabling or Long-Term Injuries

There are some accidents that result in injuries that can have a significant effect on your appearance or physical capabilities for a long time – more than a year – or permanently in some cases. It can be difficult to determine the worth of a serious injury. Most likely you will need some help from an experienced attorney in order to get the most possible from your claim.

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In a world where chemical exposure continues to increase, at times we become ill due to being exposed to contaminants in food, products, water, soil, or air. However, it is hard to prove claims that are based on these types of exposure. Complex scientific data is often required. And since the chemical and other types of injuries have put up large walls in order to protect themselves against legal exposure as they continue exposing us to potentially harmful and dangerous chemicals, the evidence that is required is difficult to obtain. Get help from the experts.

When an Insurance Company Refuses to Pay You

In some cases, no matter what the severity of your injuries are or the amount of your lost income and medical bills, you will want to hire an attorney because a government agency or insurance company is refusing to offer any fair settlement offer whatsoever. In those cases, whatever an attorney can obtain for you minus their fee, is still definitely better than nothing.

On a contingency fee basis, Kenneth Nugent handles SSD claims as well as personal injury claims, so there is no cost to you unless our Atlanta injury lawyers are successful in getting you the compensation you are due.

The likelihood of suffering a serious injury while going about your normal activities is much higher than you might think. Every day, someone else’s carelessness, recklessness, or malicious behavior causes harm to innocent individuals. These lead to personal injury cases where the at-fault party is accused of compensating the injured individual for any losses. In many situations, seeking compensation for losses involves submitting a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance provider.

Inform a knowledgeable Atlanta personal injury lawyer at the Ken Nugent Law Firm if you or someone you care about has been hurt as a result of someone else’s negligence or willful actions. You can get legal rights advice from us. We are a reputable, capable law firm with approachable attorneys and support employees. You can reach us by phone or online.

Atlanta’s most prevalent types of personal injuries

The most typical Personal injury lawsuits in Atlanta may be required for a variety of injuries brought on by mishaps or other negligent behaviors.

The following are a few of the most typical severe personal injuries resulting from collisions:

  • Head injuries caused by trauma.
  • Paralysis and damage to the spinal cord.
  • Back problems.
  • Internal wounds
  • Broken and fractured bones.
  • Facial scars and injuries that deface the face.
  • Amputated limbs and limb loss.
  • Whiplash and injury to the neck.
  • Knee problems.
  • Ankle and foot injuries.
  • Shoulder ailment.
  • Hand and wrist injuries.
  • “Road rash,” bruising, and lacerations.
  • Burn wounds.
  • Crush wounds.
  • Damage to soft tissues.
  • Nerve Damage

When Should I Call an Atlanta Injury Attorney?

What if I was injured due to someone else’s carelessness or, worse yet, injured someone else by being careless? Anyone who intentionally or recklessly causes harm to another person owes the victim compensation for their losses. The purpose of awarding damages is to bring the injured party as close as feasible to their pre-injury state on all fronts: physically, emotionally, cognitively, and financially.

Damages After a Personal Injury: Different Types

A victim of an injury may be entitled to compensation for a variety of damages, including:

  • General damages for losses that are difficult to quantify, like anguish and suffering
  • Wages lost from income not earned as a result of the injury.
  • The cost of all medical bills and other related expenses related to the injury.
  • Lost earning potential for upcoming employment.

Punitive damages may be included in a settlement or verdict in circumstances of egregious carelessness.

If the victim has passed away, the victim’s relatives may file a claim for wrongful death or receive payments for loss of affection (also known as loss of consortium).

Claim Types Our Atlanta Injury Attorneys Handle

Our primary areas of focus at the law office of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. are the following categories of claims:

Automobile collisions – Car collisions frequently result in serious injuries or fatalities and are the cause of a significant number of personal injury cases.
Many of these situations entail long-term medical issues, disfigurement, or irreversible impairments that will have an eternal impact on the wounded party.

Accidents involving motorcycles – If a motorcycle is hit by another vehicle, the danger of severe injury or death is much higher. The long-term effects can frequently be severe and include disabilities like brain or spinal cord injury.

Truck accidents – The Atlanta region experiences an alarmingly high number of commercial truck accidents, many of which result in fatalities or seriously life-altering injuries.
These are difficult situations where there may be numerous accountable parties.

Pedestrian mishaps – Unbelievably many pedestrian accidents have been caused by the area’s high traffic volume, numerous distracted and intoxicated drivers, and high pedestrian accident rates.
Frequently, these mishaps are lethal. If the victim lives, they may have major health issues or lasting disability.

Accidents involving other vehicles and bicycles put cyclists at significant risk of dying or suffering life-threatening injuries. We represent people who have been injured in bicycle accidents in Atlanta, Duluth, and all around Georgia.

Medical malpractice – When healthcare professionals fall short of the required level of care and hurt a patient, they may be held accountable for their carelessness.
Numerous circumstances might lead to medical misconduct, which can have devastating repercussions for the patient.

Birth injuries: Medical practitioners attending birth are required to follow certain agreed standards of care, which include keeping a close eye on the baby’s health at all times.
The baby’s family may be entitled to compensation if the youngster suffers harm as a result of medical malpractice.

Injuries caused by prescription pharmaceuticals – Even after becoming aware of potentially severe or deadly side effects, drug makers occasionally release drugs or fail to recall drugs.
You may be eligible for compensation if you suffered as a result of dangerous prescription medications.

Pharmacy blunders – Some pharmacists are under more pressure than ever to work longer hours and fill more prescriptions. If a medication is filled wrongly, this circumstance could have disastrous consequences.

Accidents involving ships and other vessels are treated differently from other personal injury claims and are subject to unique federal legislation.

It is crucial that you are represented by a lawyer who is well known for maritime accidents, regardless of whether an injury is due to a boating accident, a gas or oil extraction accident, or another incident on the water.

Premises liability – This class of claims covers issues like insufficient security, but slip-and-fall accidents are by far the most prevalent type of claim.
Typically, an injured party must demonstrate that the property owner was either responsible for the dangerous situation or was aware of it prior to the incident but did nothing to warn the victim.

The area of law known as product liability deals with the legal responsibility of producers and sellers to make up for damages and injuries sustained by consumers as a result of design flaws, manufacturing flaws, or marketing mistakes. Defective and hazardous items fall under this category.

Injury claims against automakers may be made in the event that airbag malfunctions, as the majority of consumers are likely aware. A claim can be filed for the injuries sustained if an airbag does not deploy, deploys improperly, or deploys too soon. However, it’s possible that the majority of customers are unaware that injuries brought on by a lack of airbags in cars may be covered by insurance.

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