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How To Correctly Handle A Car Accident Claim In Savannah GA

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Best Strategy For Handling a Car Crash Claim in Savannah, Georgia

Georgia state law recognizes various levels of fault to determine who is responsible for a car accident. The term negligence refers to conduct by a person that is determined to be carelessness that caused damage or harm to another individual. There is common cause as well. That can be considered when someone runs a stop sign, a red light and more. There is also strict liability that involves, for example, driving a vehicle that is known to be defective while transporting dangerous chemicals. Intentional conduct might be when someone drives while suffering from an illegal substance or is drunk. If you’ve encountered any situations where you’ve been in an auto accident and the fault was not yours, you should contact a Savannah auto accident attorney as soon as possible!

Statute of Limitations

auto accident lawyerThis refers to the amount of time that an individual has to file a lawsuit or claim on their vehicle accident. The statute of limitations is applicable to all personal injury cases that involve injuries that are filed in the civil court system of Georgia. Georgia’s statute of limitations is two years for vehicle accidents. The time starts on the date that the individual’s accident occurred or when an injury is experienced.

Following A Car Accident on Savannah

Whenever an individual is involved in a Savannah car accident, they tend to panic quite often and are not sure what they should do next. With emotions running very high, it can be a big struggle to remember everything that should be done. You should stay at the scene of the accident and not attempt to leave. You should also check yourself for injuries and other people, if possible. If necessary call 9-1-1 if you can. Gather contact information from all of the people who were involved in the car accident along with any potential witnesses. Take photos to help with a potential insurance claim in the future. Your next step is to file a claim with the insurance company and call an experienced Savannah lawyer to discuss your case details.

Savannah Car Accident Attorneys: Determining Fault

Following a car accident, information will be gathered by an insurance claims adjuster about the accident and a percentage of fault will be assigned. There are no legal formulas that are utilized to determine percentages of fault for accidents involving injuries. After the percentage of fault has been determined by the claims adjusters, it is possible to negotiate it. The percentage may be challenged by an individual filing a claim. Your best chance to succeed is to work with an experienced car accident attorney.

Unless an individual has experience handling insurance claims, an experienced attorney should be contacted to handle the case. Legal professionals know how to collect all of the facts that are related to the claim and devise an effective legal strategy in order to achieve the best results possible.

It is critical to determine a properly justified and calculated amount of compensation. After that has been established, the lawyer will start looking at the insurance company’s settlement offer. That is when negotiations start. If an agreement is not reached, the lawyer will know whether or not it is a good idea to get a lawsuit started. They also will know how to best present the client’s case in order in order to receive the best decision.

It is very important to realize that numerous things will be headed your way following a car accident. Remember that insurance companies are determined to pay the lowest amount possible on every claim. Auto accident attorneys in Savannah Georgia know how claims are approached by insurance companies. They will know what necessary steps need to be taken in order for a client to obtain a fair settlement that meets all of their needs.

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