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Social Security Disability Benefits Denied

Georgia social security disability lawyers can help

If you have been denied Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in Georgia, you are not alone. The Social Security Administration initially denies the majority of claims. But there is hope.  Statistically, applicants who rely on experienced attorneys and the resources they bring are more likely to receive benefits. The Georgia Social Security Disability lawyers at Kenneth S. Nugent P.C.’s Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Duluth, Macon, Valdosta and Savannah, Georgia offices help denied clients obtain paid benefits through appeal.

You are not alone—one call can bring you help

The Social Security Administration denies as many as 60 percent of first-time applications and 80 percent of appeals.  Many denials stem from incomplete or inaccurate forms submissions.  Some applicants are ineligible because they have not been employed long enough to accrue the necessary Social Security work credits.  Others failed to submit the proper medical documentation.

However, just because you’ve been denied does not mean you are not eligible for benefits. If you are unable to earn a living because of a significant impairment, then you may be entitled to disability benefits.  Make one call, that’s all to determine if you are eligible.  Discover how Ken Nugent’s team can help you collect the benefits you are owed—with no cost to you.

Do you qualify for Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal program that acts as insurance for workers.  To qualify, you generally must have worked five of the past ten years at a job where Social Security (FICA) was collected from your pay.  This means you have accrued enough work credits to be eligible for Social Security Disability payments.  SSD applies to workers who experience an unforeseen and unfortunate disabling event that prevents them from working in any regular paying job for at least 12 consecutive months.

A Georgia Social Security Disability lawyer at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. can protect your rights if you if you have been denied benefits for which you are eligible.  We have years of experience and know Social Security Disability laws, the proper way to complete and file paperwork, and the process successful applicants use to receive the financial benefits they deserve.

Helping Georgia’s injury and accident victims get Social Security Disability benefits—One call, that’s all

Let our local Atlanta Social Security Disability lawyers or any of our attorneys located throughout our 8 Georgia offices help you with a free case review to determine the extent of your injuries and your claim. Click the chat bubble to send us a message or call us toll free at 1-888-579-1790.

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