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Things to do in Albany, GA

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albany gaAlbany GA is located on the Flint River near Lake Chehaw and approximately 125 miles southeast of Columbus. The city lies more or less within Central Georgia and is one of the most loved local vacation destinations within the State.

If you are planning on visiting Albany in the near future and need to know what kind of fun awaits there, below is a detailed review of the top attractions and recreational activities in this proud city of Georgia:

Experience the wonder that is the Blue Hole

Considered to be one of the many wonders in the state of Georgia, the so-called Blue Hole is located at the Radium Springs Gardens and is one of the most fascinating attractions in Albany. The “hole” ejects over 70,000 liters of water every minute from down below, creating a pool of clear blue waters in the midst of the ruins of what was once the great Radium Springs Casino. A recent restoration project has seen the addition of gazebos, boardwalks, and a terrace near the Blue Hole to make it more accessible and family friendly.

Take a hike along the Flint River

Albany is home to the historic Riverfront Greenway Trail, a 2.5-mile waterfront trail that runs along the Flint River. This well-maintained trail is surrounded by beautiful lush vegetation and small hilly areas that offer undisrupted views of the river and the surrounding areas.

Pay your respects at the Ray Charles Memorial Plaza

Built to commemorate Ray Charles Robinson, one of the world’s greatest blues singers of all time, this creatively designed piece of art features a fountain and a sculpture of Charles playing his favorite instrument, the piano. The plaza is both a historical attraction and a beautiful landmark. What better way to spend your evening than sitting on a bench and watching Ray Charles “deliver” another one of his immortal performances.

Go on a kayak tour

The best way to explore even the most inaccessible parts of the Flint River in Albany is by kayak. The city’s kayaking course takes between one and three hours and offers spectacular sceneries and different levels of difficulty depending on current.

You can also decide to go on a beer tasting tour of the Pretoria Field Brewery in downtown Albany, take the kids to the Flint RiverQuarium, get artsy at the Albany Museum of Art, or explore the Chehaw animal sanctuary. There is no running out of things to do in Albany, Georgia.

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