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Things to do in Augusta, GA

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augusta_GeorgiaIf you are contemplating vacationing somewhere in the beautiful state of Georgia, consider adding Augusta City to your travel itinerary. Popularly known as the home of the Augusta National Golf Club, the official host of The Masters Golf Tournament, this beautiful city has a little bit of everything.

Below are some of the things you might consider doing during your visit to Augusta, Georgia:

Enjoy a day at Riverwalk Augusta

With a beautifully paved boardwalk stretching along the majestic Savannah River, this beautiful park is one of the most visited locations in the city. Apart from being a prominent family picnic location and a perfect destination for long leisurely walks in the evening breeze, the Riverwalk park area is also the location of the Saturday Market and the annual Candlelight Jazz Series. There is also a small Japanese Gardens that features all sorts of exotic plants, and flowers.

Take a trip into the past by visiting the Augusta Museum of History

Established in 1937, the Augusta Museum of History offers the most complete account of the city’s history starting from way before its inception. The museum also houses a large collection of artifacts and historical materials for the entire Central Savannah River Area, making it a priceless historical resource for students in the region and a perfect destination for history buffs. The museum exhibits cover every aspect of the city’s development including transportation, healthcare, infrastructure, and banking.

Visit the Augusta Canal National Heritage Area

Credited with transforming the city into a thriving industrial center throughout the 1800s and serving as the main source of water and power, the Augusta Canal still remains an indispensable part of the city. This man-made canal is a major supplier of water within the city and one of the prime tourist destinations. The Enterprise Mill, one of the many mills that dotted the length of the canal in the late 1800s has been modernized and converted into a residential complex. The Augusta Canal is one of the few remaining industrial canals that have remained active to date. You can explore the canal closely by riding on a boat or walking along the small footpath that runs along this beautiful historical landmark.

Other notable attractions include the Morris Museum of Art; the majestic Sacred Heart Cultural Center; the prestigious Augusta Downtown Historic District; the iconic Imperial Theatre; and the Gertrude Herbert Institute of Art. You also cannot afford to miss activities like golfing, shopping, and sightseeing.

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