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By law, Georgia provides compensation for medical costs and lost wages to all employees injured on the job while performing work-related duties.  However, the Atlanta worker’s compensation lawyers of Kenneth S. Nugent P.C. understand that it is not always easy for you to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Knowing the steps involved in filing a workers compensation claim helps injured employees understand their rights and increases the likelihood of a successful claim.

Step 1 – Inform a supervisor about your injury as soon as possible

Request that a written report be filed and make sure to get a copy for your records.  Although Georgia law allows up to 30 days to notify an employer of an on-the-job injury, delays may lead to questions about the validity of your claim.

Step 2 – Seek medical attention

Under Georgia law, every employer must provide a posted panel of physicians from which you can choose a doctor.  If there is no panel of physicians posted, or the posted list is incomplete or does not comply with Georgia law, you have the right to seek treatment from any doctor you choose.  Your employer is required to pay for all necessary medical treatment.  Seeking prompt medical attention is important to ensure injuries are properly assessed.  Make sure to follow the advice of medical professionals and attend all scheduled appointments.  Also, ask your doctor to document the details of your injury and treatment.  This will be invaluable for your claim.

Step 3 – Ensure the Workers Compensation Board is notified

Most employers file a Notice of Injury with the Georgia Board of Workers Compensation when an employee is injured.  However, if an employer delays filing or refuse to cooperate, you need to take matters into your own hands and file the claim yourself.  An Atlanta workers comp lawyer can provide the necessary form or you can contact the board directly.

Step 4 – Contact a worker compensation lawyer in Atlanta

The guidance of our experienced Atlanta worker compensation lawyers is a valuable resource during the claim process.  A lawyer ensures your claim is properly completed and filed within the one-year time limit in accordance with Georgia law.  Lawyers retain necessary medical and employment records and respond to requests for information.  When employers create barriers to pursuing benefits, our Atlanta workers comp lawyers are ready to fight for just compensation.

Contact an Atlanta workers comp lawyer—One call, that’s all

Securing representation from a skilled workers comp lawyer in Atlanta at the beginning eases the emotional stress work injuries cause.  Knowing your case is properly handled allows you to focus energy on healing so you can return to work.

You do not have to go it alone after a serious work injury.  Let our local Georgia workers comp attorneys help you with a free case review to determine the extent of your injuries and your claim.

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When workers’ compensation was first established, it was done so to safeguard Atlanta employees and their families in the event of a workplace injury. It’s also a terrific resource for you when it works.
After sustaining an injury at work, workers frequently run into difficulties receiving the compensation they are entitled to.

The insurance provider for workers’ compensation will frequently strive to save costs for both themselves and the employer by giving the injured worker less time than they would otherwise need to recover. This is why consulting an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney is strongly advised.

At Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we have assisted numerous injured workers in Atlanta and all around Georgia in obtaining workers’ compensation payments. With our extensive experience, we can determine an accurate estimate of the benefits you are entitled to based on your circumstances.
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How does Atlanta’s workers’ compensation system operate?

In Georgia, workers’ compensation serves two key objectives:

  • Get you the treatment you require for your injuries
  • To prevent having to go through pricey legal proceedings after being hurt at work

Every employee who suffers an injury at work should be entitled to a specified set of benefits under workers’ compensation. These advantages consist of:

  • Availability of medical care. Your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance provider should cover the cost of any medical care you need for the injuries you sustained. That covers things like hospital stays, prescription medicine, doctor visits, tests or scans, and more.
  • Pay for a missed shift. Workers’ compensation offers some pay—not the whole paycheck amount, but a tax-free amount—for the time during your recuperation if your injury requires you to miss a week or more of work. Your payment will be two-thirds of your typical take-home income, up to a maximum of $550. If your injury is considered to be permanent, you can qualify for extra money.
  • Travel expenses. Your travel costs to and from the doctor’s office, as well as other relevant and necessary journeys, should be covered by worker’s compensation at a rate of 40 cents per mile.
  • Cost of rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation should also cover any ongoing rehabilitation required if you sustain an accident, such as physical therapy.

After returning to work, if your injury results in a disability, you may be eligible for further benefits, such as:

  • Vocational rehabilitation teaches you how to carry out your obligations on the job
  • Handicap compensation if you recover with a partial disability

Please be aware that Georgia has very strict deadlines if you want to file for workers’ compensation following an injury. What you need to know is as follows:

Within 30 days, you must notify your employer of the injury. And be specific. We advise reporting any injury, no matter how slight or seemingly insignificant. This makes a record of the issue and is highly beneficial if something seemingly unimportant develops into something much more serious than you first thought.

A claim for workers’ compensation must be made within a year. Furthermore, the earlier the better.
As time passes, people’s memories can get hazy, so your attorney will want to gather as much information as possible, including testimonials from coworkers or superiors. The best course of action is to file your claim as soon as the damage arises. Even though a year may feel like a long time, it passes quickly. To make things work in your favor, contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney as soon as you can.

Are all workplace injuries in Atlanta covered by workers’ compensation?

In general, yes. No matter what kind of injury it was, it should be covered if it occurred at work and you qualify for worker’s compensation. Injuries that frequently result in workers’ compensation claims include:

  • Neck and/or back pain
  • Aching joints
  • Burns
  • Bone fractures
  • Loss of hearing
  • Harm from machinery accidents
  • Injuries brought on by mishaps when traveling for work

Construction-related accidents can result in injuries on workers’ compensation claims, including things falling on you, electric shocks, and getting jammed in between pieces of machinery or equipment.
However, we have experience with clients who are pursuing workers’ compensation claims in a variety of employment environments, including eateries, white-collar industries, and everything in between.

What if my employer claims they are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance?

According to Georgia law, companies with three or more employees must carry worker’s compensation insurance in Atlanta and throughout the state. Instead of the employer, the insurance pays the claim.

Even if your employer has informed you that they lack the necessary insurance, the local courts will not allow you to sue them in a worker’s compensation claim linked to an on-the-job injury. You can, however, take legal action against them. They should be held responsible if they don’t have the proper insurance to cover their workplace injuries. In addition, having this occur is much more frequent than you may realize, so contact a workers’ compensation attorney immediately away for assistance.

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When your physical and emotional well-being is at stake, seek treatment right now. You are entitled to compensation for any injuries sustained while working because all employers are required to keep you covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Therefore, if you sustained an injury that needs medical attention, contact Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. in Atlanta to speak with one of our workers’ compensation attorneys. We are more than qualified to assist you in pursuing a claim to aid in your rehabilitation thanks to our more than 20 years of experience handling workers’ compensation cases. And we’d be delighted to talk with you about your case during a FREE consultation. For your free consultation, just give us a call at (140) 4885-1983 or complete the form on your right.