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All employees who sustain workplace injuries while carrying out their tasks are required by law to get reimbursement for their medical expenses and lost income. The Columbus worker’s compensation attorneys with Kenneth S. Nugent P.C. are aware that it is not always simple for you to get the benefits you are entitled to.

Understanding the procedures for submitting a workers’ compensation claim can assist injured workers in better understanding their legal options and improve the chances that their claim will be approved.

Step 1: As soon as you can, report your injuries to a manager.

Make sure to get a copy of the report for your records and ask that it be filed in writing.
Even though Georgia law gives you up to 30 days to tell your employer of an on-the-job accident, waiting too long could cause problems for your claim.

Step 2: Seek medical help

According to Georgia law, every employer is required to offer a posted panel of physicians from which you can select a physician. You have the right to seek care from any physician of your choice if there is no listed panel of doctors, if the list is inaccurate or noncompliant with Georgia law, or if neither of those conditions applies. All necessary medical care must be paid for by your employer. To ensure that injuries are adequately evaluated, it is crucial to seek medical assistance right away. Attend all scheduled appointments and be sure to heed the recommendations of medical specialists. Additionally, request that your physician discuss your injury and medical care. This will be really helpful for your claim.

Step 3: Ascertain that the Workers Compensation Board is informed.

When an employee is hurt, the majority of companies report the incident to the Georgia Board of Workers’ Compensation. You must, however, take matters into your own hands and file the claim on your own if an employer delays filing or refuse to assist. You can get the required form from a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney or by contacting the board directly.

Step 4: Speak with a worker’s compensation attorney in Columbus.

Throughout the claim process, our knowledgeable Columbus worker compensation attorneys’ advice is a great asset. An attorney makes sure your claim is properly finished and submitted within the allotted year period in accordance with Georgia law. Lawyers maintain essential medical and employment records, and they react to information demands. Our Columbus workers comp attorneys are prepared to battle for proper pay when employers erect obstacles to receiving benefits.

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All it takes is one call! The emotional burden that work injuries generate can be reduced by the early hiring of an experienced workers comp attorney in Columbus. You can concentrate on getting well so you can get back to work knowing your case is being handled correctly.

After a severe workplace accident, you don’t have to face life alone. For a free case evaluation to assess the severity of your injuries and your claim, contact our local Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys.

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In the event of a job injury, workers’ compensation was intended to protect Columbus employees and their families when it was first established. When it’s effective, it’s also a great tool for you.

After suffering an injury at work, employees commonly have problems getting the compensation to which they are entitled.

By allowing the injured worker to heal from their injuries faster than they would otherwise need to, the workers’ compensation insurance provider frequently tries to reduce costs for both themselves and the employer. This is why speaking with a Columbus workers’ compensation lawyer is highly suggested.

Our team at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. has helped many injured workers in Columbus and all throughout Georgia obtain workers’ compensation payments. Based on your circumstances and our significant knowledge, we can estimate your eligibility for benefits with accuracy.

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What are the workings of the workers’ compensation system in Columbus?

Workers’ compensation in Georgia aims to accomplish two main things:

  • Get you the medical attention you need for your injuries
  • To avoid having to undergo costly legal actions following a work injury

A specific set of benefits under workers’ compensation should be available to every employee who has an injury at work. These advantages include:

  • Access to medical care. The cost of any medical care you require for the injuries you received should be covered by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier. That includes things like hospital stays, over-the-counter medications, doctor visits, test results, and more.
  • Pay for a missed shift. If your accident necessitates you missing a week or more of work, workers’ compensation will provide some pay—not the full amount of your paycheck, but a tax-free sum—for the time while you’re recovering. Your payout will be a maximum of $550, or two-thirds of your normal take-home salary. You may be entitled to further funds if your injury is deemed to be permanent.
  • Travel costs. Your mileage expenses for getting to and from the doctor’s office, as well as any other pertinent or required trips, should be paid for by worker’s compensation at a rate of 40 cents per mile.
  • Rehabilitation expenses. Any continuous therapy that you need after an injury, such as physical therapy, should also be covered by workers’ compensation.

You may be qualified for further benefits after going back to work if your injury resulted in a disability, such as:

  • If you recover with a partial disability, you may be eligible for handicap compensation. Vocational rehabilitation teaches you how to fulfill your tasks at work.
  • If you intend to file for workers’ compensation after an injury, please be aware that Georgia has very severe deadlines.

What you must understand is as follows:

You must report the injury to your employer within 30 days. And be precise. No matter how minor or unimportant it may appear, we urge reporting any injury. This keeps track of the problem and is quite helpful if something that initially seems insignificant turns out to be far more serious than you initially anticipated.

A workers’ compensation claim has a one-year deadline for submission. In addition, the earlier the better.

People’s memories can fade with time, so your attorney will want to gather as much material as possible, including testimonies from coworkers or superiors. Making a claim as soon as the harm occurs is the best line of action. Despite the fact that a year may seem like a long time, it goes by quickly. Make the most of your situation by speaking with a Columbus workers’ compensation attorney as soon as you can.

Do all workplace accidents in Columbus fall under the umbrella of workers’ compensation?

Yes, in general. If an accident happened at work and you are eligible for worker’s compensation, it should be covered regardless of the type. Following are some injuries that typically result in workers’ compensation claims:

  • Backache and/or neck pain
  • Joints that hurt
  • Bone fractures, burns
  • Hearing impairment
  • Accident-related harm from machinery
  • Injuries caused by accidents while traveling for work

Workers’ compensation claims for injuries resulting from construction-related mishaps may include those caused by things falling on you, electric shocks, and getting wedged in between pieces of machinery or equipment.

On the other hand, we have experience representing clients who are pursuing workers’ compensation claims in a range of work settings, including restaurants, white-collar businesses, and everything in between.

How would I respond if my employer asserted that they were not covered by workers’ compensation insurance?

In Columbus and across the state, businesses with three or more employees are required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance. The insurer pays the claim instead of the employer.

The local courts will not let you sue your employer in a worker’s compensation claim connected to an on-the-job injury, even if they have told you that they don’t have the required insurance. But you can file a lawsuit against them. If they lack the appropriate insurance to cover their employment injuries, they should be held accountable. You should seek the counsel of a workers’ compensation attorney right away because this happens is much more often than you may imagine.

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When your mental and emotional health is in jeopardy, get help now. Because all employers are required to keep you covered by workers’ compensation insurance, you have the right to reimbursement for any injuries you suffer while working.

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