If you are employed in Macon, you most likely have workers’ compensation benefits starting on the first day of employment. What kind of work you do, how much money you make, or what your position is are irrelevant. However, just because you have coverage does not guarantee that filing a claim will be simple.

As soon as possible after an on-the-job injury, you or a loved one should speak with a Macon workers’ compensation attorney. We are aware of the workings of the workers’ compensation system as well as the tricks that insurance firms employ. We are known for obtaining compensation to which employees are lawfully entitled.

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What You Should Do in Macon After a Workplace Accident

The most crucial action you can do following any workplace incident is to make sure you’re okay.
Call an ambulance if you require immediate medical assistance and leave the accident location if there is any danger left.

Once you’ve established your safety, you can take a few actions to safeguard your rights and improve your chances of receiving compensation. Following a work-related injury, you should:

  • Photograph the accident scene, including any damage done and any injuries you may have incurred.
  • Speak with everyone who witnessed the collision and obtain their contact details.
  • As soon as you can, inform your employer.
  • Visit a licensed physician to get a diagnosis and treatment
  • Keep all correspondence, prescriptions, and invoices you receive following your accident.

It will be simpler to establish your right to workers’ compensation if you gather as much convincing evidence as you can. In this manner, your application procedure will go much more smoothly, and if your initial claim is rejected, you will have a better chance of success in the appeals process.

For My Macon Workers’ Compensation Claim, Should I Hire a Lawyer?

It may be worthwhile to hire a lawyer to assist you with your workers’ compensation claim if you are experiencing any problems with your application. It might be difficult to gather all of the required paperwork, but with an attorney’s assistance, the process is made much simpler and your chances of receiving the benefits you require are greatly improved.

A workers’ compensation attorney in Macon is even more necessary if your initial claim has been rejected. Even while a denied claim doesn’t mean your workers’ compensation case is over, your odds of winning an appeal without legal assistance are slim.

Hiring a Macon workers’ compensation lawyer carries no risk because we only get paid if you receive compensation. We operate on a contingency fee basis, which means that only a portion of the settlement that you receive will be used to cover our attorneys’ fees. We don’t have any up-front fees.

You may always schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys if you’re unsure about whether it’s worthwhile to get legal counsel for your workers’ compensation claim. Your attorney will hear about your situation during your consultation and let you know if and how they can assist you.

How Does the Macon Workers’ Compensation System Work?

To safeguard those hurt at work, the government developed workers’ compensation. These objectives guide the design of workers’ compensation:

  • To give wounded workers with medical attention and financial support
  • Settling occupational injury claims without the need for drawn-out and expensive legal action

The law mandates that all companies maintain a workers’ compensation insurance coverage in order to carry out the program. According to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, your injuries are covered by the policy if you are hurt at work. There are a lot of myths concerning workers’ compensation, thus it’s crucial to understand that:

  • Workers’ compensation is not a kind of public assistance.
  • It is an insurance plan that is funded by your company.
  • Payroll deductions are used to cover a portion of the policy’s cost.

Even if an injury is not directly related to your job activities, it is still covered by workers’ compensation. When you retain legal counsel, you have an ally who can guide you through every stage of the workers’ compensation procedure.

What Sorts of Costs Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Your injury’s expenses will be covered in full by workers’ compensation insurance.
Workers compensation often covers the following expenses:

  • Hospital, physician, and other medical expenses
  • Cost of prescription drugs
  • Physical therapy or other forms of recovery
  • Vocational training to help you return to the workforce
  • The expense of traveling to medical visits (at a rate of 40 cents a mile)
  • Your lost salary.
  • You won’t pay taxes on a workers’ compensation check, but it will often be less than your typical income.

If your injury results in a permanent handicap or other permanent condition, you are entitled to further benefits. The American Medical Association’s standards are typically used to determine certain disabilities as permanent.

If a family member passed away due to a job accident, you may also be eligible for benefits.
Money, of course, cannot compensate for a devastating loss, but it can help you and your family maintain financial stability while you go on to the next phase of your life.

What Accidents in Macon Are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Because all job injuries are covered by the workers’ compensation system, both employees and their employers have it easy.

  • It makes no difference who was at blame.
  • It makes no difference how the injury developed.
  • You are not required to place the responsibility on your employer, your manager, or a coworker.

The construction sector accounts for a large number of the workers’ compensation cases we manage.
Construction workers run a number of risks, including the possibility of falling, getting hurt by equipment, being struck by falling debris, and receiving an electric shock.

However, any industry can file a claim for workers’ compensation. For instance, we frequently get claims from delivery drivers, restaurant employees, and office workers, to mention a few.

Are There Work-Related Injuries That Workers’ Compensation Doesn’t Cover?

Typically, in order to qualify for workers compensation, your injury had to occur on property owned by your employer. Even though you weren’t at your typical place of employment in some circumstances, you can still be protected. You might still be qualified for workers compensation, for instance, if:

  • You got hurt while traveling for work.
  • You rode in a company car either as the driver or a passenger.
  • You were performing a task associated with your position.
  • You were in another area for a business meeting.
  • When your injury happened, you were conducting remote work.

Accidents that happen on the sidewalks or parking lots maintained by your workplace might also be covered. However, your injuries won’t often be covered if it happened while you were traveling to or from work.

Are mental health conditions covered by workers’ compensation in Macon?

Only physical injuries that are also accompanied by mental illnesses are covered.
For instance, if you are assaulted at work and sustain physical injuries, your trauma-related psychological care would also be covered. However, if you are bullied and just experience psychological or emotional impairment, workers compensation does not pay for your injuries.

Should I Bring Legal Action Against My Employer?

No. The purpose of the workers’ compensation system was to entirely replace occupational injury lawsuits. Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t file a lawsuit against your employer in the City of Macon for a work-related injury. This has various advantages for the workforce:

  • Since lawsuits can drag on for years, it enables workers to receive their money more promptly.
  • It gives employees more assurance because it’s difficult to forecast how a case will turn out.
  • Employees can file a claim with the insurance company without bringing a lawsuit against their employers.

Despite the existence of this system, we frequently encounter injured workers who are reluctant to submit a workers’ compensation claim. They fear that if they file a claim, their company would view them negatively or possibly retaliate.

In actuality, we discover that the majority of companies are content to see their employees receive the funding they require to rebuild their lives. Insurance providers attempt to reject claims. It’s crucial to have legal counsel on your side to ensure you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

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