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All employees who sustain work-related injuries must be compensated by Georgia law for their medical expenses and lost pay. The Valdosta worker’s compensation attorneys at Kenneth S. Nugent P.C., however, are aware that getting the money you are entitled to is not always simple.

The likelihood of a successful claim is increased when injured workers are aware of the procedures involved in filing a worker’s compensation claim.

Step 1: As soon as you can, tell a supervisor about your injury.

Make sure to secure a copy for your records and ask that a formal report be prepared.
Although Georgia law gives employees up to 30 days to tell their employers of an on-the-job accident, delays may cause your claim to be questioned.

Step 2: Speak with a doctor

Every company in Georgia is required by law to offer a posted panel of physicians from which you can select a physician.

You have the right to seek care from any physician of your choice if there is no listed panel of doctors, the list is incomplete, or the list does not follow Georgia law. All mandatory medical care must be covered by your employer. It’s crucial to seek medical assistance right away to make sure injuries are properly evaluated.

Be sure to adhere to medical professionals’ recommendations and show up to all scheduled appointments.

Additionally, request that your doctor record the specifics of your injury and medical care.
Your claim will benefit greatly from this.

Step 3: Make sure the Workers Compensation Board is informed

When an employee is hurt, the majority of companies notify the Georgia Board of Workers’ Compensation about the injury. However, you must take matters into your own hands and file the claim yourself if an employer fails to file on time or refuses to comply. The required form can be obtained through a Valdosta workers’ compensation attorney, or you can speak with the board directly.

Step 4: Speak with a Valdosta worker’s compensation attorney

Our skilled worker compensation attorneys in Valdosta can be a great help when filing a claim.
A lawyer makes sure your claim is properly finished and submitted within the one-year window allowed by Georgia law. Lawyers react to information demands and keep all relevant medical and employment records. Our Valdosta workers’ compensation attorneys are prepared to fight for fair pay when employers erect obstacles to receiving benefits.

Contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Valdosta

Just one call! The emotional stress that work injuries generate can be lessened by securing representation early on from a knowledgeable workers comp lawyer in Valdosta. You can concentrate on getting better so you can get back to work by knowing that your case is being handled correctly.

After a serious work injury, you do not have to face life alone. The degree of your injuries and the strength of your claim can be determined with the assistance of our neighborhood Georgia workers’ compensation attorneys.

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In order to protect Valdosta employees and their families in the event of a job injury, workers’ compensation was initially established. When it works, it may be a great resource for you as well.

Workers commonly encounter problems getting the compensation they are entitled to after suffering an injury at work.

The workers’ compensation insurance provider will frequently want to reduce costs for both themselves and the employer by allowing the injured worker to heal more quickly than they would otherwise.
This is why speaking with a Valdosta workers’ compensation lawyer is highly recommended.

Many injured workers in Valdosta and throughout Georgia have benefited from our assistance at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. in securing workers’ compensation payouts. We can accurately estimate the benefits to which you are entitled based on your circumstances thanks to our significant knowledge.

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How does the workers’ compensation system in Valdosta work?

Workers’ compensation in Georgia serves two main purposes:

  • Obtain the medical care you need for your injuries.
  • To avoid being subjected to expensive legal processes following a workplace injury.

Under workers’ compensation, any employee who has an injury at work should be entitled to a specific set of benefits. These benefits include:

  • The accessibility of healthcare. Any medical expenses you incur as a result of the injuries you received should be paid for by your employer’s worker’s compensation insurance carrier.
    That includes things like hospital stays, over-the-counter medications, physician visits, diagnostic testing or imaging, and more.

• Payment for a missed shift. If your injury compels you to miss a week or more of work, workers’ compensation offers some pay—not the whole paycheck amount, but a tax-free sum—for the time while you’re recovering. Two-thirds of your normal take-home pay, up to a maximum of $550, will be deducted from your payout. You may be eligible for additional compensation if your injury is thought to be permanent.

  • The cost of travel. You should be reimbursed by worker’s compensation at a rate of 40 cents per mile for your travel expenses to and from the doctor’s office as well as any other pertinent and required trips.
  • The price of treatment. Any continuous rehabilitation needed if you have an injury should also be covered by workers’ compensation, such as physical therapy.

If your injury leaves you disabled after going back to work, you can be qualified for additional benefits, such as:

  • If you recover with a partial disability, you may be eligible for handicap compensation. -Vocational rehabilitation teaches you how to fulfill your duties at work.

Please be advised that if you want to claim workers’ compensation after an injury, Georgia has very severe deadlines. You should be aware of the following:

You must inform your employer of the injury within 30 days. Also, be precise. Any injury, no matter how little or seemingly unimportant, should be reported. This creates a record of the problem and is quite helpful if something that initially seems insignificant turns out to be far more serious than you initially imagined.

A workers’ compensation claim must be submitted within a year. Furthermore, it is best to start early.

People’s memories can get foggy with time, so your lawyer will want to gather as much information as possible, including testimonies from supervisors or coworkers. It is best to submit your claim as soon as the harm manifests. A year may seem like a long time, but it actually goes by quickly. Get in touch with a Valdosta workers’ compensation attorney as soon as you can to make things work in your favor.

Workers’ compensation in Valdosta covers all workplace accidents, right?

Yes, in most cases. No matter what kind of injury it was, if it happened at work and you are eligible for worker’s compensation, it should be covered. The following injuries typically give rise to workers’ compensation claims:

  • Back or neck ache
  • Painful joints
  • Burns, fractured bones
  • Hearing loss
  • Damage caused by machinery accidents
  • Injuries caused by accidents while on business trips

Workers’ compensation claims for incidents involving construction might include injuries from things falling on you, electric shocks, and getting stuck in between pieces of machinery or equipment.

But we have expertise representing clients who are filing workers’ compensation claims in a range of job settings, from restaurants to white-collar professions and everything in between.

What if my employer argues that workers’ compensation insurance does not apply to them?

Companies in Valdosta and across the state of Georgia are required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance if they have three or more employees. The insurance company pays the claim rather than the employer.

The local courts won’t let you sue your employer in a worker’s compensation claim related to an on-the-job injury, even if they’ve told you they don’t have the required insurance. However, you have the option of suing them. If they don’t have the right insurance to cover your job injuries, you should hold them accountable. Additionally, it happens far more frequently than you might think, so seek help right away from a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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When your mental and emotional health are at risk, get help right now. All companies are required to maintain your coverage under workers’ compensation insurance, so you are eligible to reimbursement for any injuries suffered while working. Therefore, get in touch with Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. in Valdosta to speak with one of our workers’ compensation lawyers if you suffered an injury that requires medical attention. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience managing workers’ compensation cases, we are more than able to help you pursue a claim to support your rehabilitation. Additionally, we would be happy to discuss your case with you during a FREE consultation. Call us at (140) 4885-1983 for your free consultation, or fill out the form on the right.