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Car Safety FAQs

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Car Safety FAQ: 5 Ways to Avoid a Georgia Car Accident

While car accidents are a frequent occurrence, by taking precautions and exercising common sense, drivers can avoid many of them. If you suffer an injury in a car accident due to the negligent, careless, or reckless actions of a driver, you should not hesitate to speak to a Georgia car accident attorney about seeking fair compensation for your injuries. An experienced Georgia car accident lawyer at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. can help you in your fight against large insurers. We know how to fight for your rights.

Below, our lawyers offer five ways to avoid a Georgia car accident:

Maintain your vehicle
Avoid tailgating
Avoid aggressive drivers
Avoid distractions
Obey the rules of the road and be courteous

Maintain your vehicle.
Put your car on a regular maintenance schedule. Check tires and brakes periodically. If you receive a recall notice, be sure to bring your car in for the needed repairs. Change windshield wiper blades regularly, and do not ignore any odd sounds that you notice coming from your engine.

Avoid tailgating.
Following too closely behind the vehicle in front of you is dangerous and can lead to an accident if you have to stop quickly or switch lanes to avoid an accident.

Avoid aggressive drivers.
It is easy to feel annoyance when a driver cuts you off. Instead of flooring your accelerator pedal and catching up, stay calm and stay away from the aggressive driver.

Avoid distractions.
Do not text while driving. Avoid using your cell phone whenever possible. Even talking on a hands-free device causes you to be less attentive to the road. Tune your radio before you leave, program your GPS ahead of time, and stay focused on the road ahead and your surroundings.

Obey the rules of the road and be courteous.
Follow speed limits and slow down if you see emergency vehicles stopped on the side of the road. If traffic is merging from three to two lanes, allow the car beside you to enter your lane. The seconds you save by treating other drivers improperly can provoke a needless confrontation and increase the chance that you have an accident.

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