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Trans Vaginal Mesh Lawsuits

transvaginal mesh lawsuitGeorgia Transvaginal Mesh Attorney

It is not unusual for a woman to experience pelvic organ prolapse after they have experienced childbirth, are overweight, or have had a hysterectomy. This disorder, which can be painful or cause urinary incontinence, is most commonly treated by placing a mesh sling around the collapsed organ.

When one of these organs collapses, many of the bodily functions are interrupted. Menstruation can become difficult, the woman may become infertile, there may be pain associated with the collapsed organs, and the woman may suffer from incontinence.

Prior to 2008, correcting these problems with vaginal mesh treatment seemed to take place with little or no incidence. However, since 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has had reports of over 1500 problems related to these devices, which is five times the amount reported in previous years.

The FDA issued a statement, which said that use of vaginal mesh to treat prolapsed organs may place the patient at greater risk than using non-mesh repairs. The FDA went on to further encourage doctors and surgeons to refrain from using the vaginal mesh until a time that it could be established that the practice was once again safe.

Women who have undergone this type of operation may have, or are currently experiencing the following side effects:

  • Pain due to the mesh eroding into their organs
  • Bleeding
  • Painful intercourse
  • Bladder problems
  • New or continued incontinence
  • Infection
  • Perforated organs
  • Infertility
  • Loss of organ

All of these serious conditions may lead to extensive surgeries and therapies to correct the problem. In some instances, death has been reported due to the severity of the infection from the mesh. Many of these problems have occurred over an extended period of time, so women may not experience the side effects immediately after the procedure.

Any woman that has undergone this type of treatment and have subsequently suffered from any of these side effects may have the right to claim compensation from the manufacturer of the faulty devices.

It is very important to seek medical attention for any of these symptoms immediately so that your health is no longer at risk. Once you have received your medical care, contact a defective medical device attorney to have your case evaluated.

Attorney Ken Nugent can determine what types of compensation you are entitled to from your injuries, and help ensure that you receive all the proper medical treatment necessary to fully recover from this faulty device.

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