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Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Savannah

If you work in Savannah, you probably have access to workers’ compensation benefits as soon as you start. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, how much money you make, or what position you hold. However, having insurance does not automatically mean that making a claim would be straightforward.

You or a loved one should consult a Savannah workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as you can following an on-the-job injury. We are aware of how the workers’ compensation system functions as well as the scams used by insurance companies. We have a reputation for securing benefits to which workers are legitimately entitled.

What to Do in Savannah After an Accident at Work

The most important thing you can do after any incident at work is to make sure you’re okay. If you need emergency medical care, dial 911, and if there is still any danger, leave the scene of the accident.

Once your safety has been verified, you can take a few steps to protect your rights and raise your chances of being compensated. After suffering harm at work, you ought to:

  • Take pictures of the accident scene, including any damage that was done and any injuries that you might have sustained.
  • Speak to everyone who saw the collision, and get their phone numbers.
  • As quickly as possible, let your employer know.
  • Seek a diagnosis and treatment from a qualified medical professional.
  • Save all letters, prescriptions, and bills you receive in the wake of your accident.

If you can acquire as much solid proof as possible, proving your right to workers’ compensation will be easier. In this way, your application process will move much more smoothly, and you will have a better chance of winning your appeal if your initial claim is denied.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Savannah Workers’ Compensation Claim?

If you have any issues with your application, it can be beneficial to contact a lawyer to help you with your workers’ compensation claim. While assembling all the necessary documents may be challenging, with an attorney’s help, the procedure is made much simpler and your chances of receiving the benefits you need are significantly increased.

In Savannah, a workers’ compensation attorney is even more essential if your initial claim was denied.
Even though a claim denial does not necessarily imply that your workers’ compensation lawsuit is over, your chances of succeeding in an appeal without counsel are very poor.

Because we only get paid if you receive compensation, there is no risk in hiring a Savannah workers’ compensation attorney. Because we work on a contingency fee basis, only a portion of the settlement money that you get will be utilized to pay our legal expenses. There are no upfront costs with us.

If you’re not sure if it’s wise to hire a lawyer for your workers’ compensation claim, you can always arrange a free consultation with one of our attorneys. During your meeting, your lawyer will learn about your circumstances and let you know if and how they can help.

How Does the Workers’ Compensation System in Savannah Operate?

Workers’ compensation was created by the government to protect persons wounded at work. The following goals direct the development of workers’ compensation:

  • To provide medical care and financial help for injured workers
  • Resolving workplace injury cases without the need for time-consuming and costly legal action

To carry out the program, the legislation requires all businesses to hold workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If you get wounded at work, the policy will cover your injuries, according to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. There are many misconceptions about workers’ compensation, thus it’s critical to realize that:

  • Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that is sponsored by your firm, not the government.
  • A portion of the cost of the coverage is paid for through payroll deductions.

Workers’ compensation will still pay out if you get hurt even if it’s not due to work-related activity.
When you hire legal representation, you gain a friend who can help you navigate every step of the workers’ compensation process.

What Costs Exactly Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

The costs associated with your injury will be entirely covered by workers’ compensation insurance.
The following costs are frequently covered by workers’ compensation:

  • Hospital, doctor, and other healthcare costs
  • Prescription medicine costs
  • Physical therapy or other types of rehabilitation
  • The cost of commuting to medical appointments -Vocational training to assist you in returning to the workforce (at a rate of 40 cents a mile)
  • Your lost wages.

A workers’ compensation check won’t require you to pay taxes, but it will frequently be less than your usual income.

You are eligible for additional payments if your injury leaves you permanently disabled or with another permanent ailment. The criteria set out by the American Medical Association are frequently used to categorize certain disabilities as permanent.

You might also be qualified for benefits if a family member dies away as a result of a work-related accident. Of course, money cannot make up for a painful loss, but it can assist in keeping you and your family financially stable while you move on to the next stage of your life.

Which Accidents in Savannah Fall Under the Workers’ Compensation Law?

Both employees and their employers have it easy because the workers’ compensation system covers all workplace injuries.

  • It doesn’t matter who was at fault.
  • It doesn’t matter how the injury manifested itself.

You are under no obligation to blame your manager, your employer, or a coworker.

The majority of the workers’ compensation cases we handle are in the construction industry. Risks faced by construction workers include falling, being harmed by equipment, being struck by falling debris, and getting shocked by electricity. However, a workers’ compensation claim can be made in any industry. For instance, delivery drivers, staff members at restaurants, and office workers, to name a few, commonly submit claims.

Typically, your injury has to take place on land controlled by your employer for you to be eligible for workers’ compensation. In rare situations, you may still be protected even though you weren’t at your usual place of employment. For example, you might still be eligible for workers’ compensation if:

  • You were harmed while on business travel.
  • Either as the driver or a passenger, you traveled in a corporate vehicle.
  • You were engaged in work related to your position.
  • For a business meeting, you were in another location.
  • You were working remotely when your injury occurred.

Accidents that take place in parking lots or on sidewalks that are maintained by your place of employment may also be covered. However, if your accident occurred while driving to or from work, your injuries could not be covered.

Only physical injuries coupled with mental problems are protected. For instance, your trauma-related psychological care would be covered if you are assaulted at work and suffer physical injuries. However, workers’ compensation does not cover your injuries if you are bullied and just sustain psychological or emotional harm.

Do I Need to File a Lawsuit Against My Employer?

No. The workers’ compensation system was designed to completely replace legal actions for workplace injuries. You couldn’t sue your employer in the City of Savannah for a work-related injury even if you wanted to. There are several benefits for the workforce from this:

  • It enables employees to obtain their money more quickly because disputes can drag out for years.
  • Because it’s challenging to predict how a case will come out, it gives employees more assurance.
  • Without filing a lawsuit against their employers, employees can submit a claim to the insurance provider.

We frequently run into injured workers who are hesitant to file a workers’ compensation claim despite the fact that this system is in place. They worry that if they make a claim, their employer would think poorly of them or maybe act in retaliation.

In reality, we find that most businesses are happy to see their employees get the money they need to reconstruct their life. Insurance companies make an effort to deny claims. compensation to which you are entitled, it is essential to have legal representation on your side. Speak with a Savannah workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C.

If you are hurt while working, you are entitled to compensation. All employees should be helped to collect the financial benefits to which they are entitled, according to Savannah workers’ compensation attorney Ken Nugent. Meet with us for a free consultation so we can discuss our services with you.

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