We are so excited to introduce you to Amelia, Ken Nugent’s virtual assistant!

Amelia is an artificial intelligence platform that we are leveraging to help with our customer experience. Amelia is able to assist our team in helping you on our website, client portal, and telephones.

In every conversation Amelia has, she is working on maximizing your settlement. Here at Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., we are dedicated to giving our clients full white-glove service, and with the help of Amelia, we are able to provide that service 24 hours a day.

Amelia is here to help YOU. Do you need help finding a page on our site? Ask Amelia. If you are using our client portal, Amelia will prompt you to record your day-to-day experiences as you recover from your accident, helping to maximize information for your settlement. Amelia can also interact with you on a call to direct you to the current team member that you would need to speak to regarding the status of your case, which will put you directly in touch with the person that can help answer any questions you may have.

We have spent years developing systems to improve your experience here.  Your case is important to both of us and we want you to feel that we have your back.  Over the past year, we have been working to integrate Amelia into our customer-facing systems. She is the most human-like digital being. Amelia continues to grow and learn our legal business.  Her new look far better reflects her superior cognitive abilities as the most advanced digital employee on the market.

Amelia, the Most Human AI, is the result of decades of research in discrete mathematics, cognitive neuroscience, autonomic systems, and embedded language models. Rated the most intelligent virtual agent by the Everest Group, Amelia is capable of complex natural language understanding, context switching, intent recognition, and more. Through her unique programming and algorithms, Amelia utilizes each of the human brain’s 8 core cognitive skills to deliver unparalleled capabilities, surpassing mere chatbots in every way.

She is a 24-hour teammate who is at your beck and call.  We hope that she will assist you through your journey here at Ken Nugent.