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Personal injury lawyers in Athens GA have important legal services to offer victims of careless behavior, negligence, or unreasonable acts. When you need a personal injury lawyer in Athens, Georgia, call Kenneth S. Nugent! We pride ourselves on our legal services and are glad to offer advice about your case at no cost or obligation. Our attorneys can help give you the support and guidance needed for moving forward with your case without any problems. We know that nothing is more important than getting answers from a trusted expert when it comes to cases like this-talk now with an experienced attorney by calling 1-800-CALL-KEN


Personal Injury Lawyers Athens Georgia

When you choose Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C., you put your trust in our experienced team of accident lawyers and personal injury attorneys who have the skills to help with all types of accidents – car wrecks or airbag defects just a few examples that come to mind. We have trial experience which will help us win your family’s wrongful death lawsuit or personal injury case.

Personal Injury Attorney FAQs

What is a personal injury lawsuit?

When an accident occurs due to someone else’s negligence, the injured person may be entitled to compensation. A personal injury lawsuit is a legal action filed against the at-fault party for financial compensation. This generally happens after a claim has been made and negotiations have ended in failure – when both parties cannot come together on their own accord. If this occurs, the injured party can then file suit against them in court if not reached otherwise.

What should I do before my first consultation with a personal injury lawyer?

When meeting with your attorney, be prepared with any questions you may have. The initial consultation is an opportunity to speak freely and ask questions about any important details about your case that you might have missed along the way – anything from experience in cases similar to yours, if they think there’s a chance for trial later on, or any other specifics pertaining to your personal injury claim.

What areas of legal practice does an Athens personal injury lawyer handle?

Personal injury attorneys specialize in representing those injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. They do this by seeking damages, medical costs, and more on behalf of the victim or their family members to cover injuries that may have resulted from negligent actions. Some of the most common areas of personal injury law are car accidents, nursing home abuse, medical malpractice, product liability, premises liability, and wrongful death.

What does a personal injury attorney do?

Personal injury lawyers are there for people when someone else’s negligence causes them to get injured. They negotiate with insurance companies or others on their client’s behalf in an attempt to reach a fair settlement. If neither party can agree on a compensation amount, the personal injury case will go to court where a judge decides based on the strength of your case and its merit in law. An experienced attorney will have a thorough understanding of how much your case is worth so that he knows how effective his negotiations would be, which helps him efficiently fight for you during the trial.

How do I know if I have a personal injury case or not?

You may be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries if you’ve suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence. There are some basic requirements to know if you have a personal injury claim.

  1. Was the person responsible for the accident careless?
  2. Did the negligence of the person that caused the accident cause the injury?
  3. Did this result in lost wages and medical bills?

If the answer to these 3 questions is yes, then you would definitely want to contact us as soon as possible!

In what ways can a personal injury lawyer help me after an accident?

Personal injury laws exist to help ensure fair compensation is given to the injured party after they are a victim of someone else’s negligence. Clients who have experienced medical bills and/or lost income due to an accident can benefit from legal representation with their Athens personal injury attorney.

Attorney Ken Nugent: Here To Help You With Your Personal Injury Case

PI cases in Georgia, and in general, are complex. This is why it’s wise to enlist the help of a personal injury law firm. Ken Nugent is an Athens Georgia personal injury attorney who handles an array of personal injury cases and who can help you in a number of ways.

Cases Handled

Ken Nugent and his team of accident attorneys handle many different personal injury cases. These include:

Workplace Injuries & Workers Compensation

The law offices of Kenneth S. Nugent, P.C. can represent you if you’ve been injured at your workplace. You could be entitled to worker’s compensation, but sometimes employers and/or their insurance companies try to prevent workers from claiming it. In fact, insurance claims adjusters often try to reject legitimate claims or undervalue workers’ lost wages. Sometimes workers are pressured into returning to their place of work as soon as possible and/or workers are discouraged from going to a different doctor in order to receive a second opinion.

A skilled lawyer will work hard to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible. If you’ve been injured at work, then let an expert attorney help you.

Car Accidents
When you’re involved in a car accident, then you want to focus on healing. Enlisting help from an Athens GA law practice will allow you to do just that. Our lawyers will fight for your best interests, which involves ensuring you receive full and fair compensation for your injuries. Property damage, the extent of your injuries, and proving the other driver’s negligence are all factors that our attorneys will look at when we file your lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice
Our team of medical malpractice attorneys can represent you if you’ve been injured due to errors that a surgeon made, emergency room negligence or if you’ve developed a serious infection as a result of a medical error. Medication errors, misdiagnoses, and errors by healthcare specialists are all examples of cases we can handle.

Medical malpractice cases can be extremely complex. Contact our offices if you need a medical malpractice attorney to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Dangerous Products
Dangerous products can cause injuries. When a product is defective and you’re injured as a result, then you’ll want to enlist the help of a personal injury attorney. Examples of how you can become injured due to defective products include tires exploding, ingesting tainted foods or medication, and sticky accelerator pedals to name just a few.

Companies will often fight very hard to prevent you from receiving the compensation you deserve as a result of their defective products. If you believe you’ve been injured because of someone else’s defective product, then it’s time to call an attorney.

Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing home abuse cases are complex, but Ken Nugent’s firm can represent you and/or your loved one if they’ve been injured as a result of nursing home abuse. Injuries can arise if a long-term care facility or nursing home is irresponsible. Having highly skilled personal injury attorneys on your side will ensure your rights are protected and those responsible for your or your loved one’s injuries are held responsible.

Insurance Bad Faith
A lawyer can aid you if you are dealing with difficult insurance companies. Some insurance companies purposely act in bad faith, such as not adhering to a policy’s term. If you believe the insurance company has acted in bad faith with you, then we may be able to help.

A few examples of acting in bad faith include an insurance company intentionally giving bad advice, refusing to pay on a legitimate claim, or purposely undervaluing property that is associated with the claim. Attorneys can assess your situation and your claim to determine if action should be taken against the insurance company.

Wrongful Death
Injuries and accidents can lead to death. If you have a loved one that has died due to the wrongdoing of another or the negligence of another, then this might be considered wrongful death. Attorneys can evaluate your situation before deciding to move forward with a wrongful death case.

Do any of the above scenarios describe your situation? Have you been injured, but not sure if Ken Nugent can take on your case? If so, then contact Ken Nugent today.

How An Athens Injury Law Firm Can Help

There are many ways a firm that deals with personal injury cases can help you with your injury case. Here are a few of them:

Objective Advice
The truth is when you’re injured as a result of an accident or something else, then you’ll likely make objective decisions throughout your case. In turn, you could make costly mistakes along the way. An attorney can help you by filing your claim on your behalf. They’ll offer you objective advice that they truly believe will benefit you in the short term and long term. A firm can help you in an injury case because it means having attorneys who are skilled, knowledgeable about applicable laws, and who are very experienced in representing clients from all walks of life.

Another way a firm can help you in an injury case is with negotiations. Even though it may be clear as day that you were injured because of someone else’s actions, the offending party’s insurance company will likely try to talk you into accepting lower compensation than you actually deserve. When it comes to negotiating with insurance companies, things can become difficult.

It’s usually not a good idea to accept the first offer the insurance company makes you. Enlisting the help of Ken Nugent means you’ll have an attorney who is experienced at negotiating with insurance companies. Ken Nugent and his team will work hard to make sure you get every dollar you deserve.

Faster Compensation
Not having an attorney means waiting until you are healed enough to actually go after the responsible party for compensation. In turn, this can take longer than you’d like. An attorney will file your claim as soon as possible, even if you’re still recovering from your injuries. Ken Nugent has handled many personal injury cases of all levels of complexity, which means he can avoid setbacks that can delay your compensation.

Throughout the legal process, certain paperwork and documents must be filed. Not only that, but they have to be filed within a specific time frame. If everything isn’t done on time, then your case could be delayed, thrown out, and/or you might have to wait even longer to get compensation. An attorney knows everything that has to be filed and they’ll file everything within a timely manner.

Review Your Rights
As a personal injury victim, you are entitled to certain rights. Depending on the extent of your injuries and the specifics surrounding your case, your rights may become violated. However, Ken Nugent can review your rights with you and ensure your rights are protected. Also, every case is different and some cases will involve different rights. Ken Nugent or a member of his firm will sit with you and fully explain what your rights are.

Investigate Facts
One of the most important ways Ken Nugent can help you with your case is in regards to facts surrounding your case. Having an attorney on your side means the facts surrounding your case may be investigated. Before your claim is officially filed, the facts will be looked at. This will allow your attorney to create the best legal strategy possible. The truth is there are many different ways a personal injury case can be handled, and some ways work better than others in certain cases.

Represent You In Court
The majority of personal injury cases are settled before they ever go to trial. However, there’s always a chance your case could be brought to trial. This means a jury of your peers will determine your case’s fate. If your lawsuit is taken to trial, then don’t worry because an attorney knows exactly what to do to improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome.

There’s always the option of pursuing a personal injury lawsuit yourself. However, the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to filing a lawsuit on your own. Instead of dealing with that kind of stress, let Ken Nugent and his team of highly skilled attorneys help you.

Why Enlist The Help Of Ken Nugent

Ken Nugent is an Athens GA personal injury attorney with a wealth of experience. In fact, between Ken Nugent and his accident attorneys who work at his eight offices, the firm has over 300 years of collective experience dealing with personal injury cases. Here are a few reasons to use Ken Nugent and his Athens Law firm:

  • Passionate About Helping Accident Victims- Ken Nugent is passionate about helping accident victims. His team of accident attorneys is equally passionate. It doesn’t matter what your circumstances or situation is, Ken Nugent and his legal team will work hard to make sure you receive the most for your injury or losses.
  • Communication- One of the keys to achieving a successful outcome in an injury case is communication between a victim and their attorney. Ken Nugent makes it easy for clients to access him or his accident attorneys. Whenever you have a question, concern, or inquiry, you can easily reach them.
  • Knowledgeable About Local Laws- Ken Nugent and the attorneys at his law firm are knowledgeable about local laws. They’re familiar with the way local courts operate, as well as familiar with the overall community that they work in. However, they’re also knowledgeable when it comes to statewide laws. This means no case is too small or too complicated for Ken Nugent.
  • Help With Documents & Forms- As you progress in your personal injury case, there will be various documents and forms that will need to be filled out and filed. Ken Nugent’s law firm has plenty of experience with helping with court forms, insurance documents, and more. You can focus on getting better, while Ken Nugent focuses on dealing with the legal system.
  • Affordable Legal Help- Ken Nugent offers free initial consultations, which means you’ll find out quickly whether or not you actually have personal injury cases. If you do, you can decide whether or not to enlist the help of a law firm. You won’t pay any fees in your personal injury case until a verdict has been reached or when a final settlement has been agreed on.

    Contact Ken Nugent Today

    If you have been injured and need help with your personal injury case, then contact Ken Nugent today. Having a highly-skilled injury law firm on your side can increase your chances of having a successful outcome in your case.

    Are you considering filing a lawsuit or are you wondering if you have a case, to begin with? If so, Ken Nugent can assess your situation before informing you of what your options are.

An attorney who focuses on defending clients who have been hurt due to another person’s negligence is known as a personal injury attorney. These people are frequently known as personal injury attorneys. They assist customers in making compensation claims to insurance companies or other persons liable for their injuries. If the case proceeds to trial, these lawyers may also represent clients in court in addition to addressing the initial claim. The following are some prerequisites for becoming a personal injury lawyer:

Own a License to Practice

If you’re looking for a personal injury lawyer, the first thing to look for is their state-issued license to practice law. This data ought to be accessible online or at the courthouse.
In case the lawyer makes a mistake and further hurts your case, you should make sure they are covered by malpractice insurance. Attorneys for personal injury cases are frequently required to acquire malpractice insurance. This is done to prevent the public from being hurt by a careless lawyer.

Possess the Expertise Needed

A personal injury lawyer ought to be well-versed in dealing with situations similar to yours. This will enable them to obtain the settlement offer that your case merits more quickly than they would have otherwise. Additionally, it is preferable if the lawyer is familiar with the specific laws of your state.
If your accident happened in Colorado but you live in California, your lawyer needs to be familiar with the laws of both jurisdictions. Your attorney’s likelihood of obtaining the settlement you deserve increases with their level of experience.

Knowledgeable in Your Field

You must select a lawyer who has experience in your area of law. They must be aware of the nature of your injuries and the amount of compensation to which you are entitled. They ought to be aware of the proof you’ll need to support your claims and the evidence the insurance company will use to contest them. You should be able to understand the settlement offer from your personal injury lawyer so that you know what you’re getting and why. This will enable you to decide whether the offer is reasonable with more knowledge.

Possess a Good Name

Finally, you ought to seek out a lawyer with a solid reputation. You can do this by conducting an online search, contacting friends and family for recommendations, or asking the lawyer for a list of happy clients. You may be confident that your lawyer will treat you fairly and honestly if they have a solid reputation. With no need to worry about being taken advantage of, you will be able to obtain the settlement you deserve thanks to this.

A personal injury lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation from the person or entity that caused your injuries. They can also assist you in filing a claim with the insurance company for damages  Only when you are in a situation where you require professional assistance should you seek a personal injury lawyer. Consult with a local attorney if you’re not sure if you should hire one or not.
You may be confident that your case is in competent hands and that you are dealing with the proper people if you do this.

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