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18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Athens GA

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Choosing a Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer in Athens, Georgia

If you have been involved in an accident, you should contact an 18 wheel accident attorney, and the experienced lawyer could examine the cause of the accident, the injuries, the costs of medical services, and the damaged vehicles. The attorney can also inspect multiple images that show the scene of the accident, and the lawyer may evaluate the position of each vehicle, the lanes, the traffic signs, and the weather conditions. Moreover, the expert can examine the statements of witnesses. These statements could support the other evidence, and the statements may describe the movements of the truck, the actions of the drivers, the damaged vehicles, and the scene of the accident.

18 Wheeler Accident Attorney Athens GA

Helping Injured Clients and Evaluating the Needs of Clients

Kenneth S. Nugent P.C. is a well-known attorney who has helped many clients, and once a client contacts the vehicle accident law firm, the experienced lawyer can provide a detailed consultation, answer multiple types of questions, evaluate the client’s case and gather additional evidence. Many clients have created excellent reviews that describe the law firm, the excellent customer service, and the knowledgeable attorneys, and Kenneth S. Nugent P.C. has also sponsored multiple programs that can benefit the local community.

Examining the Injuries

After the accident, the experienced lawyers can evaluate medical reports that describe the injuries, and the medical reports may examine multiple treatments, several types of medications, surgical procedures, or physical therapy. The medical professionals can consistently monitor the injured driver, and sometimes, an injured person might experience unexpected symptoms within one year of the accident. If the injured driver suffers from multiple symptoms, the medical experts can recommend several tests, update the medical report and examine the effects of the injuries. Once the specialists review the test results, the experts could evaluate the bones, the soft tissue, the spinal cord, and the vertebral discs.

Estimating the Costs of Medical Services

When you contact a vehicle accident law firm, the 18 wheeler accident attorney can review medical reports that describe the long-term costs of medical services. Usually, the reports will indicate the price of each appointment, the costs of the treatments, the prices of medications, and the costs of the tests. Subsequently, the experienced lawyers can create an itemized list that will help the attorneys to evaluate these expenses, and before the injured client accepts a settlement, the lawyers can also examine the future costs of the medical services.

Choosing Physical Therapy and Selecting Multiple Types of Equipment

After a serious accident, an injured client might require physical therapy, and usually, physical therapy can strengthen the muscles, enhance the flexibility of the joints and improve the mobility of the patient. According to multiple reports, physical therapy may also increase the density of the bones.

Fortunately, a tractor-trailer injury law firm can estimate the costs of physical therapy, and the expert will review detailed reports that indicate the price of each session, the benefits of physical therapy, and the opinion of the physical therapist. If a patient requires physical therapy, the person might receive a larger settlement, and once the injured driver receives the extra funds, the client can pay the physical therapist.

Sometimes, an injured client may temporarily require cutting-edge equipment that can improve mobility. This equipment is relatively expensive, and when the lawyers estimate the costs of medical services, the attorneys could also evaluate the price of the equipment.

Reviewing Many Pictures That Show the Scene of the Collision

The lawyers will examine pictures that show the damaged vehicles, the position of each automobile, the contour of the road, and the nearby intersections. These pictures will help the attorneys to understand the scene of the accident, and once a big truck accident lawyer reviews these pictures, the attorney could determine the cause of the accident.

After a collision, a driver should take many pictures that show the scene. Typically, these pictures can provide multiple types of evidence, and the pictures may also support the statements of witnesses.

Examining the Movements of the Vehicles

While the lawyers review a diagram, the attorneys can examine the layout of the road, the movements of the vehicles, the size of each automobile, and several lanes. If a truck has caused an accident, the diagram will help the experts to estimate the speed of each vehicle, and the experts can examine the angle of the vehicle. Once the attorneys review the diagram, the lawyers could also evaluate the lanes, the traffic signs, the nearby curbs, and the traffic lights.

Finding Multiple Witnesses

The lawyers can contact the witnesses who observed the accident, and these witnesses could provide detailed statements that describe the movements of the truck, the actions of the drivers, the weather conditions, and the layout of the road. If the unbiased witnesses provide multiple statements, the witnesses might substantially increase the value of a settlement. During a trial, the witnesses could also corroborate the evidence, and sometimes, unbiased witnesses may influence the jurors, the judge, and the defendant.

While the attorneys review the detailed statements, the lawyers may compare several types of statements. Once multiple witnesses provide similar statements, the attorneys can examine the accuracy of the statements, the supporting evidence, and the scene of the accident.

Inspecting the Lanes and the Traffic Signs

After you contact a big truck accident lawyer, the expert will thoroughly inspect the traffic signs, the nearby intersections, and the lanes. If a truck violated a traffic law, the truck likely caused the accident. While a truck is turning, the large vehicle might collide with nearby cars, and the trailer may damage several vehicles, injure the drivers and damage nearby traffic signs.

Examining the Weather Conditions

Once the lawyers inspect the scene of the accident, the attorneys can also evaluate reports that describe the weather conditions. If the roads are wet, the moisture may significantly increase the risk of an accident, and icy roads could reduce grip, affect the trucks and reduce the efficiency of the rear axles.

When a truck traverses wet roads, the driver should substantially reduce the speed of the vehicle, take extra precautions and examine the nearby traffic. However, some drivers do not decrease the speed of the trucks because the drivers are rushing, and typically, the fast-moving trucks may increase the risk of an accident.

Driving a Truck That Contains Defective Parts

According to multiple reports, more than 10 percent of trucks may have malfunctioning parts, and these components can affect the wheels, the axles, and the brake system. If the axles malfunction, the truck could unexpectedly swerve into another lane. Consequently, the truck may damage nearby vehicles, and the trailer could cause serious injuries.

Many trucks contain worn tires, and if a tire has a thin tread, the worn tire could significantly reduce grip, decrease the efficiency of the brakes and increase the risk of collisions. When the roads are wet, the worn tires could cause the trailer to slide, or the worn tires may reduce the effectiveness of the brakes.

Examining Tired Drivers Who Operate Trucks

While the drivers are operating the trucks, some drivers experience chronic fatigue, and according to many reports, the fatigue could substantially reduce attentiveness, affect the reaction time of the driver, decrease memory and influence the decisions of the driver. Typically, a fatigued driver may increase the risk of an accident by more than 15 percent.

Once a tired driver causes an accident, the 18 wheeler accident attorney can examine a report that describes the tired driver, the movements of the truck, the damaged vehicles and the injuries. If a driver is fatigued, the tired driver might be responsible for the accident, and the injured client may receive a large settlement.

Hauling Oversize Loads

Many trucks frequently haul oversize loads, yet several reports have suggested that oversize loads could significantly increase the risk of collisions. When a truck is hauling an oversize load, the cargo could affect the axles, the wheels, and the tires. Moreover, the oversize load may considerably reduce the efficiency of the brake system. Therefore, the truck could collide with other vehicles, or the truck may unexpectedly drift into other lanes.

Usually, the driver will utilize durable chains that can secure the oversize load, and the metal chains could prevent the cargo from shifting. However, these chains might become loose, or the chains may snap. If the chains are damaged, the oversize cargo could fall onto the road, and the cargo may damage several vehicles, causing multiple injuries or cracking the pavement.

Submitting an Insurance Claim and Managing the Insurance Claim

Before an injured client contacts an insurance company, the client should contact Kenneth S. Nugent P.C., and the law firm will help the injured driver to manage the insurance claim. The client can provide a detailed statement, submit multiple types of evidence, describe the movements of the truck, and answer any questions. Consequently, the experts can evaluate the cause of the accident, and the insurance adjuster might find additional evidence.

The lawyers will ensure the insurance company offers a fair settlement, and the attorneys can describe a sufficient settlement that will reimburse the injured client.

Preparing for a Trial

Sometimes, a defendant may not offer an adequate settlement, and experienced lawyers can prepare for a trial. The attorneys will gather the evidence, evaluate the medical reports, examine the scene of the accident and contact multiple witnesses. During the trial, the attorneys can present the evidence, examine the cause of the accident and describe the effects of the injuries. Subsequently, the judge may approve a substantial judgment that will benefit the client.

Examining Excellent Testimonials

Once you browse our website, you should evaluate many testimonials that describe our excellent services. Some clients have created reviews that describe the helpful attorneys, the knowledgeable representatives, the substantial settlements, and the legal process. Our company has also helped local schools that are located in Athens Georgia, and our business provided school supplies made substantial donations, and supported several types of programs. Multiple schools have provided letters that praise our company, describe the charitable donations, and mention the available scholarships.

Contacting Our 18 Wheeler Law Firm and Choosing Our Services

If you would like to learn more information about our services, you can visit our website, examine our legal blog, view a description of our company, and evaluate detailed testimonials. Once you visit our website, you could chat with an experienced representative, or you may call 888-579-1790. The expert can answer your questions, evaluate your preferences, schedule an appointment and provide helpful recommendations. During the consultation, the lawyers could review your case, gather multiple types of evidence, examine the actions of the drivers and describe the legal process.

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