Starting on their first day of employment, almost all Duluth employees are eligible for workers’ compensation payments. All employees are covered by workers’ compensation, from entry-level staff to senior executives and everyone in between. Nevertheless, despite this extensive coverage, many injured workers encounter difficulties in having their claims covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Attorney Ken Nugent has the expertise and experience to produce results. For more than 20 years, we have assisted injured people in obtaining their workers’ compensation payments. As a result, we are familiar with the procedure to be followed and the way the system functions. Get a free consultation by calling our Duluth workers’ compensation attorneys right away.

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Employers reported over 2 million non-fatal workplace illnesses and injuries in 2020.
Many of these injured workers received compensation, but many more were taken advantage of by the insurance firms.

Insurance providers are businesses, and one of their main goals is to reduce costs and save at every corner. Many people find it difficult to believe, but insurance companies have no interest in providing you with the full compensation you deserve or require. Because of this, you should always fight back and demand the compensation you are due.

Our Duluth workers’ compensation attorneys will:

  • Help you collect proof of your employment injuries.
  • Act as your greatest advocate while dealing with insurance companies.
  • Manage all of your correspondence with others.
  • To provide corroborating testimony, speak with any witnesses and seek the advice of specialists.
  • Help you in understanding all of your legal options.

Hiring one of our Duluth workers’ compensation attorneys has numerous advantages. We never take upfront payments. Our accomplishments and client testimonials attest to our diligence, commitment, and expertise in meeting our client’s objectives. You owe us nothing for our services if we are unable to secure a settlement for you.

Workers’ Compensation in Duluth – How Does it Work?

You shouldn’t have to go to court to get your injuries covered if you sustain them while working.
In order to provide injured workers with a quicker route to financial recovery, the government established the workers’ compensation program. The program accomplishes two things:

  • It offers financial assistance and medical care to injured workers like you.
  • It accomplishes this without the need for an extended, pricey legal battle.

By law, all companies must have workers’ compensation insurance coverage to protect against on-the-job injuries. The coverage will then protect you if you suffer a physical injury at work.

It’s critical to comprehend a few concepts related to workers’ compensation. It is not a government giveaway, to start. Instead, it’s an insurance plan that was largely funded by deductions from your paycheck and was provided by your company. Second, regardless of how or what caused your injury, you are entitled to workers’ compensation payments if you sustain one at work.

Which injuries in Duluth will workers’ compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation pays for all related expenses, including any lost wages incurred as a result of an injury sustained at work. The following advantages are typical for most damages:

  • Medical care, including doctor visits, emergency rooms, surgery, and tests.
  • Prescription drugs and medical equipment.
  • Physical therapy to help you recover.
  • Vocational training, if you need it, to return to work.
  • Lost pay and reduced earning capability. Workers’ compensation will issue a paycheck that is smaller than what you usually receive but it is tax-free.

Even more financial benefits may be available to you if you suffer from a disability or a chronic illness.
If a close family member dies in a job accident, you can also be eligible for benefits.

We are aware that no amount of money can ever make up for a devastating loss or an injury that changes your life, but we are also aware that major injuries have a significant financial impact. You may continue your healing process while receiving the care you require and paying your costs thanks to workers’ compensation.

What Types of Injuries Are Covered by Duluth Workers’ Compensation?

Almost all job injuries are covered by workers’ compensation. There is no need to assign blame because you are protected regardless of who or what injured you. Furthermore, it makes no difference how you got hurt.

It’s not necessary for the injury to be connected to your line of employment. Even if you trip on the stairs or slide in the break room, you are protected. You can receive benefits without blaming anyone else.

The construction sector is responsible for some of the most frequent injuries we observe. Construction workers frequently sustain injuries from falling objects, heavy machinery, or electrical shocks. But we also observe folks in nearly every profession and occupation you can imagine, including delivery drivers, restaurant staff, and office workers who work at desks.

What Would Happen If You Were Hurt Outside of Work?

In general, accidents that occur outside of your place of employment are not covered by workers’ compensation. Thankfully, the program also takes into account particular injuries that develop when you’re working off-site. For instance, if you suffer an injury in one of the following scenarios, you could be compensated:

  • During a work trip
  • When operating a company vehicle
  • While performing a job-related errand
  • When in an off-site meeting
  • When working from a remote place

Unfortunately, your injuries won’t likely be covered if you get hurt while commuting to or from work. However, you might be eligible for benefits if your accident occurred while you were in your employer’s parking lot or on the sidewalk.

Do Psychological Injuries Get Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

The majority of the injuries covered by workers’ compensation are physical. However, if you have trauma or another mental illness in addition to a physical injury, both your physical and mental injuries will be compensated.

However, workers’ compensation will not pay for psychological treatment if you are not physically injured. So, following a physical attack, you could heal from both physical and psychological injuries, but not from psychological problems brought on by verbal abuse.

Do You Need to Sue Your Employer to Receive Workers’ Compensation?

No. In Duluth, employees aren’t even permitted to file lawsuits against their employers for workplace accidents. The conventional system of legal proceedings and courts has been completely superseded by workers’ compensation. This benefits employees for a number of reasons:

  • Unlike worker’s compensation, which provides payments faster rapidly, lawsuits can take a while.
  • Unlike worker’s compensation, which is a more straightforward system with fewer variables, lawsuits are unpredictable.
  • Unlike worker’s compensation, which is an insurance claim, lawsuits oblige you to take your employer to court.

The decision to make a workers’ compensation claim is often a difficult one for injured workers. They worry that if they file a lawsuit against their employer, they will lose their job or face other repercussions. However, you aren’t making any accusations against your employer when you file a workers’ compensation claim.  Simply put, you are filing an insurance claim.

The majority of employers are helpful and genuinely care about your success. Regrettably, the insurance companies will attempt to reject your claim. However, if you have an experienced Duluth workers’ compensation attorney on your side, your chances of making a full financial recovery will be substantially higher.

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